How To Get Rid of Ugly App Icons On Your Android Device


Often, the best apps come with the worst icons, ones that you prefer to conceal in folders so you have to look at them less every time you have to use the app. While it is true that the merit of an app is rarely contained in how attractive the icon is, this a problem faced more often than admitted, and the solution is here that is as simple as it should be for such a problem. Awesome Icons is an app that bypasses the complicated theme-ing launcher that you have download and install otherwise if you have to deal with ugly icons, and helps you create attractive icons of your own choice.

Once you have installed the app from the Play Store, open the app and you will see a list of the installed apps on the phone, and if you click on an app, you will be able to access a list of icons for the app from the repository of icons that you have downloaded.

Tap on one, and you will see a shortcut creation screen now where you can see clearly the app you are linking to, the icon you want for the app and you can also choose to change the name of the app on your home screen. In truth, the Awesome Icons app is actually a shortcut creator that you can use in place of the original app. The shortcut you have created can be moved to the home screen and even folders and docks.

If you want a better viewing experience for a useful way to select icons in a dark theme or for weeding out icons that have a lot of white in them that you might not be able to see in the normal view, you can choose to dim the rest of the screen except the icon in question. To create a shortcut with an icon that is not in the carousels, tap the + icon in the top bar to access a blank custom shortcut.

You can choose any downloaded image to theme the icon of the selected app. Select an app and icon and you can change the label as needed and put that on the home screen. This is also an excellent way to hide or camouflage your apps that you do not want other people seeing, such as your banking apps or adult apps you may be using.

This app is useful in theming icons if the launchers on your Android do not work with icon packs, or they do not work with packs installed from Google Play, such as Samsung TouchWiz or the HTC Sense. However, working with this app can get time consuming, and hence working with a launcher that does support icon packs is still recommended. Keep in mind that the shortcuts you create using Amazing Icons do not change the app icon in the app drawer, but only on the home screen. If there are attractive icons on your home screen, there will not be much use accessing your app drawer.