How To Install Amazon Alexa On HTC 11

People, congratulations. The list available to us customers to savour the continuously evolving technology of Artificial Intelligence recently had one more name added to it – Amazon Alexa on HTC U11. Some of you might already have heard of (or gotten) Amazon Echo ecosystem, which means now you can have that phenomenal experience on your smartphone as well through HTC U11. You simply have to get Amazon Alexa for HTC U11, and you are good to go.


What’s more – it works almost like the voice control system you love on your Echo Speaker, which means you would not face much problem shifting. This amazing assistant called Alexa has been created by a collaborative effort of HTC and Amazon. Like all other AI assistants, it is supposed to learn gradually from you and your actions, which also allows it to have evolved functionality over a period of time. Imagine this. Keep your Microphone On always, and that will help you in getting your phone out of its slumber without using your hands just by speaking one simple sweet word – Alexa. It is not to say that using HTC Alexa makes sure you can use Amazon Alexa easily too. You can do basics like making a shopping list, buying gifts, getting the latest news updates from your favorite websites/apps, playing or pausing music simply by using voice commands. Do all this and no need to touch your phone ever again.

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Go through the following points to understand how you can install and setup Amazon Alexa –

Installing Amazon Alexa on HTC U11

Okay, so the initial steps to get and setup Alexa are almost like downloading, installing and running any other normal app. However, do make sure your phone is updated on the firmware side with 1.13.651.6 or later (in case you own a Sprint model) and 1.16.617.6 or later (in case you have a U.S. unlocked one).

Simply click on Google Play Store, search HTC Alexa app. Click on “install”.
Once the downloading and installing is done, click on the app and log into your Amazon account with the necessary ID and password.
You will get a prompt asking for location access. Click on ‘Ok’/’Allow’/’Yes’.
Click on Next. Tap Finish when done. You would be then shown Alexa Voice Prompt.
Click on the gear icon (Settings). A list of Settings will open which will –
Let your switch Voice Trigger and Edge Sense Trigger off.
We would also suggest you to get the generic Amazon Alexa app, however please note that it is not mandatory.

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Now, you would realise installing and setting up Alexa on your HTC U11 is quite similar to doing it with an Amazon Echo Speaker. Simply start talking to it after finishing the steps above and you are good to go!

Using Amazon Alexa on HTC U11

Well, what good is any app without a little extra configuration which can magically make it even cooler and more sick. Use our favorite hacks to turn the already amazing Amazon Alexa in something even more incredible and useful –
Note that you can actually run Alexa (or trigger it) in three ways –
You can simply go and click on the HTC Alexa app.
You may have your Edge Sense set up so Alexa is run with either a short or a long (whichever you select) squeeze gesture.
Or the easiest of all – speak “Alexa” and see the magic happen. It would most definitely work even when your screen is turned off.
Now, you might turn around and use some features to enhance your Amazon Alexa experience by –
Configuring Flash Briefing, Skills, Adding Interest and other such actions]
Doing and Trying almost everything you do on your Amazon Echo Speaker.


Oh, and if you are worrying about your Google Assistant, sweat not. You can use it by pressing and holding the home button, while Alexa can be run by a squeeze.

We understand that Alexa might not be a full fledged replacement of Google Assistant for you, but we still find it an amazing AI to have on our smartphones. Let us know how you find it in the comments below.

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