How To Install and Manage Your Favorites In Super Favorites Addon Kodi


Super Favorites Addon is one of the best way to manage your Kodi favorites. Super Favorites Addon allows you to create different Folders, sub folders in which you can Add your Favorites like Movies, TV Shows and Live TV Channels. After adding your Favorites to Super Favorites Addon you can just go into Super Favorites Addon and you will find all your Favorites there and can play them inside Super Favorites Addon.

Super Favorites Addon Kodi

Follow the below instructions to install and add your Kodi Favorites to Super Favorites Addon on Kodi:

1.Start your box as normal and then go into Kodi

2.Once you will be inside Kodi then click on System from the main screen of Kodi

3.Click on Install From Repository 

4.Click on Kodi Addon repository 

5.Click on Video Addons

6.Click on Super Favorites 

7.Click on Install an wait for Addon enabled notification at the bottom right corner of the screen

8.Super Favorites  Addon is now installed. The Addon can be accessed by going to VIDEOS from main screen of Kodi then Addons and there you can find Super Favorites  Addon

Now follow the below steps to know How To Add Kodi Favorites (Addons, TV Shows, Movies, Live TV channels ) to Super Favorites Addon in Kodi:

1.First create the different Folders with different Names inside Super Favorites Addon, you can also create Sub Folders inside Main Folder

2.Go into Super Favorites Addon, click on Create New Super Folder and the Keyboard will popup on screen

3.You can name the Folder as TV Shows, Movies, Live TV or whatever you want and then press Done

4.Now select your Kodi Favorites (Addons, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV channels), right click on it and then click on Super Favorites

5.Click on Add To Super Favorites

6.Click on Super Favorites

7.Now select the Folder in which you want to add your Favorites, click on OK and that will added to your Super Favorite Folder

8.Now go back into Super Favorites Addon, go into Folder in which you added your Favorites and you will find them there.