Hope you are having a good day. In this article, you’ll get to learn about how to install Kodi on Amazon Firestick just in very little time. You can also use this tutorial on Firestick 4K and on Fire TV Cube. But before hitching to the main procedure, let’s have an introduction. I promise that I’ll keep it brief.

Amazon Fire TV has already exploded the video streaming market. Due to its amazing ease of use, it is selling like hotcakes. This may be as a result of the support provided by Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and many other marvellous entertainment platforms.

But above all, it got the incredible support of Alexa. Yes, which definitely means “GOODBYE” to typing and just use your vocals. Let’s give your delicate fingers some rest. Isn’t it fascinating!!!

It got a drawback too. Apart from the fact, that it got a wide stalk of multimedia content costing you nothing. But there is also some premium content, designated with premium tags. this hurts the feelings of most of its users, as it really bothers them.

So, this is the main reason, which leads the users to install Kodi on Firestick. Kodi will provide you with the opportunity to open the gate into a dramatic world, which is indeed full of free multimedia content which may or may not be available in your country. OR might come with exclusive price tags.

Installation of KODI on Firestick.

If you install KODI on firestick, a bundle of opportunities are already waiting for you. Now let’s go ahead with the process:

STEP 1: Prepare your Firestick for KODI installation

After setting up your fire stick, make it ready for kodi installation. You have to go through the following four steps.

  1. Enable ADB debugging
  2. Turn-ON apps from unknown Sources
  3. Turn-OFF Device Data Usage
  4. Turn-OFF Collect App Usage Data

For above mentioned tweaks, you’ve to go ahead with following steps:

1: Move your cursor on the top, and click “settings” on your Fire Stick. NOW, select the “Developers Option” on the screen displayed.

2: NOW, you’ve to go through the following two steps:

  • Enable ADB debugging
  • Turn-ON apps from unknown Sources.

3: NOW, move towards “settings” and click on “Preferences > Privacy Settings”. Now, you’ll be required to do two things:

  • Turn-OFF Device Data Usage
  • Turn-OFF Collect App Usage Data

You’ve set your amazon TV very well. Lets move to the next step.

STEP 2: Get the Downloader App

The procedure I am going to share with you is the most reliable method for the installation of KODI on Fire Stick. The most important thing you have to do is, not to lose concentration it won’t take you much time.

Downloader is a very unique app which is available on the Amazon App store, not even costing you a single penny. Which is surely a great blessing.

Open your Amazon App store, and search for the “Downloader” App, within the search bar which is present in the extreme top-left corner.

NOW, you are very close to the destination.

STEP:3 Install KODI on Firestick

NOW, you are actually going to download Kodi Leia 18.7 (indeed the most up to date version) on Amazon Fire Stick.

1: Open the newly installed Downloader App and look for the URL box.

steps to install kodi on firestick

2: After that, a keypad will pop-up on your screen. Enter the following URL:

And now, navigate to “GO“.

3: You can see the downloading progress on your screen.

install kodi on firestick

4: When the process of installation meets the end, tap on “Install“.

6: Let the installation complete.

7: When you are notified about the App installation, you got two choices:

  • Tap on OPEN if you want to start the App.
  • And if You want to use it after, navigate towards DONE.


You have successfully installed the KODI App on firestick.

How to use KODI on Firestick

Since by now, you have installed the KODI app, It is equally important for you to learn its proper and safe usage. KODI will open a new world of free multimedia content which has a lot more to offer.

Even so, I would prefer to alert you the whole stuff you stream on VENOM is easily seen by your ISP and government. Which means if you dare to stream any copyrighted stuff, you may fall prey to legal trouble.

Installation of IPVanish

Well, I can take you out of this disturbance by suggesting a way to keep your content away from the eyes of ISP and government. For this approach, you need a satisfactory VPN for firestick. VPN will allow you to deceive ISP, geo-restrictions and government.

However, I like and recommend “IPVanish”, which is not only the fastest but also the safest VPN. And the plus point is that it is very easy-to-install on Fire Stick. It serves in 60 countries.

Before proceeding, I would like to clear you that I’m not promoting the violation of copyright legislation. But, sometimes you may stream a copyrighted content unknowingly. So, for such reasons, I’ll guide you on how to hide your streams from evil eyes.

STEPS To Install iPvanish

1: Register yourself by using the following link:

 Register for IPVanish Account & Enjoy Lifetime Discount at Only $5 Per Month 

2: Navigate towards the search icon of your Fire Stick and type: “Ipvanish”.

If you are a user of Android TV Boxes, phones, and tablets, you can easily download the Ipvanish app in the google play store.

3: Click where it reads “Ipvanish”, in the current prompt.

4: Tap on IPVanish icon, on the left side of the window.

5: Click where it reads “DOWNLOADS”.

6: NOW, the download option will be replaced by “OPEN”, Click over it.

7: You are required to enter your username and password for the cause of login. Basically it is required to register you for IPVanish Service

8: Click on the connect button, which is the first option.

9: If you encounter a connection request appears, click on “OK”

10: You may notice that your IP address varies along with your location of connection. You are now in “Incognito” mode.

Now let the VPN run in the background, And enjoy your Addon.


You have secured your connection with the most reliable VPN for fire stick.

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