How To Install Seren Addon On Kodi

This is the full tutorial guide about the installation of SEREN Addon on KODI 18.7 and also on the previous versions. This process is applicable to all the devices of KODI such as Android Mobiles,  Amazon Firestick, Android TV, and a lot more.

It is very interesting to know, that the users of SEREN never felt the need to install any other streaming App because it is fabulous.

SEREN hunts the internet and brings out the High-Quality content from multifarious sources. Above all, It also works wonderfully with third-party services like Trakt.TV and Real Debrid. I am sure that you’ll love the simplicity of design offered by SEREN Addon because you just have to start SEREN and pick some of your favorite categories, And just start to stream.

Editor's Note

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How To Install SEREN Addon

I’m gonna break down this installation process in four steps. So, it would be super easy for you to follow. Here is how it proceeds:

Step 1: Enable unknown sources

You’ve to do this to permit the installation of the GAIA And other third-party addons. Following are the steps:

1: Open the Kodi app and proceed towards the “settings” in the upper left corner.

2: Now you’ve to click on the “system settings” in the right.

3:Now go ahead to menu which is on the left and select the “Add-ons”.

Enable the “Unknown Sources” next to the menu list.

4: When done, a warning note will pop-up. Now you”ve to Click on “YES“.

Step 2: Add Source on KODI

Stick on the steps below to install the addon on kodi:

1: Open your Kodi application and click on “settings” furthermore.

2: Click over the “File Manager” in the bottom right corner.

3: Now you have to Click on “Add Source” in the option list displaying over your screen.

4: Now you have to Click where it reads “<none>”.

5: Now you have to Type the following in URL: and click “OK”.

6: Highlight the “Enter a name for this media source” and type any name you want.

I’ll go with “PACKAGES” for this tutorial.

Click “ OK” when your screen looks similar to mine.

Step 3: Install the SEREN Repository

1: Now you have to continually click on “back/esc” buttons until kodi home screen appears.

2: Now you have to choose “Add-ons” from the menu on the left.

3: Choose the “Package Installer” near the top left corner of the screen.

4:Now, Proceed and click “Install from zip file”.

5: Now, Choose “PACKAGES” (whatever you named it earlier) from option list.

6: Go ahead with

7: Wait until the installation confirmation is displayed over the top right corner.

Step 4: Installation of SEREN Addon

1: You have to Click over the “Install from repository”.

2: Choose the “Nixgates Repo” from the list.

3: Now you have to Open the “Video add-ons” option in the middle of the screen.

4: Now you have to Choose “seren” option when the list of addons appear.

5: Now you have to Click “Install” in the right bottom corner.

6: Wait for The SEREN installation confirmation message to appear on the top-right.


You’ve successfully installed the “SEREN Addon” on KODI.

How To Setup SEREN KODI Addon

You might face difficulty while setting up SERENN. So, I decided to help through every thick and thin. In order to set up your SEREN Addon you have to open your KODI app. Just over the home-screen you’ll find the SEREN Addon. If due to some error you are failed to discover it over your home screen then you are directed to search it in the list of “Video add-ons”.

You’ll surely get your SEREN Addon there.

1: NOW, approach the home-screen of GAIA and run your cursor towards “Tools”.

2: Click on “OPEN Settings Menu” which is the second last option.

3: Click on Accounts< Enable Real Debrid, and if you are a user of Premiumize then you have to on it too. You can also on both of them at the same time.

4: Now, you have to click on “Authorize Real Debrid“. You are needed to enter your API CODE, which is your PIN, in case you are using Premiumize version. You can easily find that PIN in your account.

5: NOW, you have to enter code at the given link”

6: After you have done with the authorization process, tap on “OK”.

7: NOW, you have to Go back to the Tools screen of SEREN, and tap on “Provider Tools”.

8: NOW, go for “Manage Provider Packages”.

9: Now you will find a column on the left side of the window, select “Install Package” from the list.

10: Now, go ahead with “Web location”.

11: Again type the following URL, or else, just copy paste it.

After that, pop on “OK”.

12: Tap on “Install”.

13: Now you have to go for “OK”.

14: Now, you have to Return to the “Open Settings Menu” for once more.

15: Now, clink on “Playback Change to source<OK“. You can choose whatever you like, however I personally choose the source to play.

16: NOW, you have to change the “Preferred cloud location”, yo the service you are using, and afterwards, clink on the “ok” button.

17: NOW, look for Scraping<Minimum sources and extend its limit to 20, so that you will get more options to select.

18: When you have chosen a source, Now it is important to pay attention towards the size of file. Generally, smaller size files bless you with less buffering.


As a result of following the above instructions, you have installed seren Kodi addon. Now, go back to your home-screen and avail yourself of your favorite content.

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