How To Make And Customize Widgets Using Kustom Widgets (KWGT)

A good widget on your home screen goes a long way in improving functionality of the app and the smartphone experience in general. For example, an attractive and handy weather widget will keep you advised with regular updates of the weather before you head out, and a great calendar widget will help you manage appointments and dates with ease and flexibility. Music widgets can help manage the music on your phone and help the mood throughout the day. However, a bad widget can be an equally bad let down, and there are plenty of cases out there of apps that come with horrible widgets.


Sometimes, even though the widget works well, it may not look as good and that can be a problem too as widgets are meant to be attractive. Kustom Widget, or KWGT in short, lets you make custom widgets to suit your needs. KWGT is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get app, and bears a lot of resemblance to Photoshop by letting you build your own widget piece by piece and layer by layer. This extraordinary control lets users make widgets extremely suited to your exact needs. Kustom Widgets provides you with a number of options, from the simple but essential text and images to stuff such as Kustom Komponents and FontIcons.


Komponents are blocks of KWGT widgets that have been pre-made, and you can change colors and resize to fit your widget box. For example, there is a model music widget that can be edited and changed to what you want. You may also find a series of weather icons to suit different themes. Komponents are packaged and sold on the Google Play Store, so you can find a variety of them there. You can also find assembled Kustom Widget Presets on the store, thus making a variety of widget designs available for the average KWGT user. Presets are again finished widgets that can be modified in color and size to fit your theme. You can export Kustom widgets you have customised already as presets and load them at a later date.

Kustom Widgets(KWGT)

Kustom Widgets(KWGT)


You can use widgets made with KWGT to build an attractive homescreen with widgets that highlight the main apps and data without seeming to stand out from the theme, helping the beautiful theme you downloaded look that way without getting rid of stuff on your home screen. You can build widgets that can keep your favorite apps, as well as private ones. Also, in case your weather app’s widget is bad or there is no widget, you can make your own weather widget with KWGT. You can make the widget look the way you want it to be, while pulling data from either Open Weather Map, Yahoo,, or the AKA The Weather Channel. Material Weather Icons can be used to add weather forecasts if you want that. You can even get Samsung Galaxy S8’s homescreen widgets using the S8 for KWGT on any phone you like.


Where do we start with KWGT?

As we mentioned that Kustom Widgets carries certain similarities to Photoshop, and can be a bit too much to take in the beginning. However, you need to adjust yourself to the the Kustom widgets, the interface as well as the uses. If you add a Kustom Widget to your phone’s home screen, you will hit first the Kustom Preset menu that allows you to select any pre-made widget that you can manipulate and play with to fit your needs. A Base Pack preset is a good way to start and give yourself a good fee for the stuff, especially KWGT’s controls as well as find out what the app can or can not do.


Kustom packs such as the Trident for KWGT are also a great starting point, and they give you a lot of widgets to paint and resize to fit your home screen. Then, there is also the KWGT’s help site which can provide troubleshooting help and is easy to understand. Help with ideas for new widgets are discussed on the official forum, and it is a good place to get your hands on new ideas as well as seek help. Android Central themes are a favorite for KWGT presets and widgets and this is great for Android users who can build and play around with very attractive widgets.

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