How to Manage Your YouTube App On Android

The YouTube app on Android is one of the more indispensable parts of the Android smartphone experience. It gives ready access to the whole repository of YouTube videos and channels that you can watch for entertainment, educational as well as news purposes. However, YouTube is not simply about watching and liking videos and channels, you can also create, edit and upload your own videos, maintain your own channel and message other YouTubers and be a part of the fraternity. There are also plenty of other functions that can enhance your YouTube experience and keep your data usage at the minimum. Here is a list of things that you can do this effect:

How To Change Upload Network Preferences:

You can choose whether you want to upload videos only when connected to Wi-Fi, which is wise if you don’t want to eat up your mobile data. For this, launch YouTube from the homescreen of your app drawer, tap your avatar in the top right corner, then go to Settings, where you will find General and then Uploads as submenus. Here you can choose On Wi-Fi Only or Any Network.

How To Limit Mobile Data Usage

Start the YouTube app from the home screen or your app drawer, then tap on your avatar in the top right corner, where you will find the Settings option. Tap here on General, and then tap on the switch that is right next to Limit Mobile Data Usage. After you switch this mode on, you will only stream videos in HD if you are connected to Wi-Fi.


How To Manage Notifications

Open the YouTube app from the home screen or the app drawer. Tap on your avatar in the top right corner, and then click on Settings. Do not tap on Notifications before you tap on Settings as it will just take you to your current notifications. In the Settings menu, tap on Notifications. You can tab to enable or disable each notification you would like to see or not see. Tap on Subscriptions : Notify Me Via. You can then choose between Tap Push and email, Push only, or Email only.


How To Disable Autoplay

If the autoplay of videos (one video automatically playing after you have finished watching a video) annoys you, you can disable this option pretty easily. Open the YouTube app from the homescreen or app drawer, tap on your avatar in the top right corner and then tap on Settings, and then tap on General. Inside General settings, you will find the Autoplay setting which you can tap to switch off. Tap again if you want to switch it on.

How To Enable/Disable Restricted Mode

You may use the restricted mode as a sort of child lock if there is a kid in the house that uses YouTube to keep him away from inappropriate content. However, browsing may not feel that good to you as it automatically hides YouTube comments. To switch it on or off, first launch the YouTube app from the app drawer or home screen, and then tap on your avatar in the top right corner, and then on Settings. Then tap on General, and then on the switch next to Restricted Mode to enable/disable the function.

How To Change Content Location

You can not view region blocked content with this function as that has more to do with your Google account, but changing content location will change the videos suggested to you as well the advertisements that appear. To do this, open your YouTube app from the content drawer/menu and then tap on your avatar in the top right corner. Now, tap on Settings and then on General, then on Content Location and tap the region you want to set it to.