How To Move Media Files To External Storage On Fire TV

There are some application that allows you to download media files like Movies or TV Shows on Fire TV, but the internal storage of Fire TV is only 8gb, which will be filled up very quickly. So in order to free the internal space of your Fire TV, you need to move media files from the internal memory of your Fire TV to External Storage such as USB Stick or Micro SD Card. This blog post will show you on how you can move media files to external storage on Fire TV through Es File Explorer Application and free up your internal Fire TV space.

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Move files from Fire TV to USB

Move files from Fire TV to USB

Follow the below instructions to move Media files from your Fire TV to External Storage:

01. First you must install Es File Explorer App on your Fire TV

02. From Home screen of your Fire TV, you need to click on Search Icon and type in Es File Explorer 

03. After that come down, highlight Es File Explorer and then click the Select Button

04. Now you will get Es File Explorer App under Apps and Games

05. Click on Es File Explorer App, click on Download/Install and it will start installing on your Fire TV

06. Once the download finishes, you can insert external storage like USB Stick or Micro SD card into the back of your Fire TV

07. After inserting USB drive, you will get an notification that “USB Drive Detected” at the right bottom corner of screen

08. Now from Home screen of your Fire TV, go into Es File Explorer

09. Inside Es File Explorer you need to move over to left hand panel and then click on Local option

10. Under Local option you need to click on Download option under which you will find all downloaded media files

11. Now highlight the Media file and then Hold the Select button till you will get Tick Check mark on the highlighted media file

12. Now move down to bottom and click on Cut option

13. After that you need to Browse your USB drive which you can find on the left hand panel under Local option

14. Click on your USB drive, click Open and you will see the content of your USB drive

15. Now at the bottom you need to click on Paste option and the File will be pasted on your USB drive

That is it, this how you can move media files from your fire TV to your external storage(USB Drive, Micro SD Card) and free internal space of your Fire TV.

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