How To Pair OpenLoad With All Your Kodi Devices

In Kodi lot of Addons use OpenLoad links to play a particular Movie or TV Show but in order to play Movies or TV Shows through OpenLoad you need to pair your Kodi device with OpenLoad. You don’t need to use the same device that you are using Kodi on to authorize OpenLoad Stream, you can use any device like your Tablet or your PC to pair Openload with your Kodi device but the devices must be on same IP Address.

Pair Openload with your Kodi

Pair Openload with your Kodi

Follow the below instructions to Pair Openload with your Kodi Device:

01. Inside Kodi when you will try to play a Video through Openload you will get an Popup screen to Authorize OpenLoad Stream 

02. Open a Web Browser and then type the exact URL:

03. Now scroll down, Tick Check the Captcha(I’m not a Robot) and then click on Pair option

04. Once you will click on Pair option you will get a notification “Pairing Successful”

05. Your device is now paired, you can go back into Kodi and you will be able to use all OpenLoad links.

Note: Your device will be paired for 4 Hours only and after that you will need to pair it again.

If you still face issues in pairing your device to OpenLoad then don’t hesitate to contact us on Live Chat or Email(


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