How To Play iTunes On Android Devices

Smartphones have today changed the way we have been consuming music since early 2000’s. However, we had already made our collections of music on our devices of choice till then mainly iPods.  But today, when we have shifted from iPods to phones, it remains a question as to how to listen to our favorite playlists on our phones. The root cause being absence of iTunes, which is the music streaming app for Apple devices, from Android. In this case, we have come with some solutions for you as follows which will help you stream music from iTunes on your Android.


Use Google Play Music

This app by Google lets you have cloud storage for up to 50,000 songs. You can access it from your desktop as well as your phone. All you need to do is download Google Music Manager on your computer and the Google Play Music app on your phone. Now, just open the app and log in with your Google account (Gmail). Now as this app is compatible with iTunes, just select the location of music you want to upload (iTunes, obviously) and Google Music Manager on your computer will upload the files on the cloud. The computer will sync automatically with your phone, making you access your iTunes collection directly from your phone. This will take some time, however it will make sure that your iTunes collection is accessible to your everywhere from your computer to your Android phone.

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Using iSyncr

This app is the best and most efficient of the various dedicated apps available for transferring your iTunes music to your Android phone in the Play Store. You simply have to download the app from Play Store to your Android and the desktop version to your computer. Next, connect your Android to your computer using a USB cable, and open your iSyncr desktop app.

A window shall next be opened asking you which files to sync with your device. You now have to select iTunes from the options available and then click Synchronise. The app will thus sync your iTunes folder to your Android, making it possible for you to access your iTunes files on your phone. Click End once the transfer is done. You can then play music on whichever player you want, including iSyncr’s in-house Rocket Player app. Also, you might transfer your files over Wi-Fi from your computer to your phone given that your phone and computer are connected on the same network.

Using iSyncr, itune music, listen music on android



Using USB

We would understand If you do not trust any third-party app to transfer your iTunes files to your Android. The best option left to you​ then is to manually transfer the files to your device. It is simple and efficient but is dependent on the storage of your device or microSD card. You simply have to connect your device to your PC using a USB cable. Now, locate your iTunes folder, and next, drag and drop it in to your device’s music folder. This will initiate the copy process which will let you access the copied files from your device. You can choose whichever music player app you wish once the transfer is complete.

Using USB, drag music to itub=ne folder using USB, apple music on android


Using Apple Music for Android

The company Apple rarely has apps for Android, however, keeping in mind the customers who used iTunes for years but had recently shifted to Android, Apple made the Apple Music App for Android. The app is not the best music player in market, but is indeed an official way to listen to your decade old iTunes collection on your new Android.

      First and foremost, the app shall need your Apple ID for you to be able to use it. This must not be an issue as you already have iTunes music. Make sure to contact customer service if you can not retrieve your account and can not find the information. The app has almost the same features as iTunes, with recommendations from a 30 million song catalog. Transferring is simple, and you can also keep the playlists you used on iOS. This being a streaming service, you need to buy subscription, however first three months are free.

using apple music for android, music app for android

     You can easily add music to your collection by going to iTunes on your computer. Once you have signed in with the same Apple ID that you are using on your Apple Music App on your Android, your devices would be in sync. Now you have to simply update your iTunes library on your computer. Once that’s done, your Android will have access to all the same songs.


The above are the best and simplest ways to let you access your iTunes from your Android. Let us know which way you find the best to stream your iTunes on your Android.

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