How To Rainbow Theme Pack On Your Android

June was celebrated all over the world as the Pride month, and LGBTQIA community from over the world came together to proclaim their pride. As you must be aware October is marked as Pride Month fighting the good fight. In all solidarity, here is our list of Wallpapers, Widgets, Icons and My Story to show our pride. Choose one of the following and support pride.


La Muerte (by Moore D3) – This depiction of Lady of Death clad in color red to show undying passion and celebration of life is enhanced in the theme. The color seems to symbolize honesty, zeal and love for life itself. The red of this popular pagan-Christian figure of life over death is the perfect symbol of the fight for gay rights, and the expressive colors will sit well as wallpaper on your phone to mark the Pride.

La Muerte wallpaper for android

La Muerte wallpaper

Heal Your Heart (by iLiekSkittlez) – The theme speaks of healing of the heart and mind with its rich and explosive colors. A physical wound may heal or not depending on a lot of things, but one often tends to disregard emotional trauma which is almost as likely to leave a mark on us. It takes a lot of effort and love from people around us and ourselves to help heal the arrow to the soul, and this wallpaper speaks to that process, as shared on the author’s webpage.

Sunlight and Energy – Pride Month (by SimplySuburban) – The pride flag has the yellow band that represents the warmth and glow of the sun, and the wallpaper theme brings out the yellow distinctively. Titled Sunlight and Energy aptly, it is representative of a people’s drive to save their lives and celebrate their love under the yellow umbrella of the Sun.

Sunlight and Energy wallpaper for android

Sunlight and Energy

Here Comes a Thought (by AgentWhiteHawk) – Here Comes a Thought is a unique work, reminding us to be careful of not just the effect our actions and feeling have on others, but also the way they would affect people when we bottle them up. It’s critical to ‘take a moment and find yourself’ as they call it, to see where you are in your mind and claw your way back to harmony.

Nature (by MoishPain) – The green is the distinctive color of nature, of life on our planet and of growth. The green of the Pride flag is a defiant declaration of the natural place the community occupies in the evolution of human beings, and also celebrates their joys and pains and life as life of the planet Earth.

Nature wallpaper for android

Nature wallpaper

Freedom (by M Sweet Candy) – The purple of the Pride flag is spirit, and this art piece by MSweetCandy is a celebration of the spirit, both the spirit of the Pride and the human race, as a singular girl dances heedless against the city lights. The way she is lost in the joy and spirit of this ritual called dance sits well with the amazing spirit of the LGBTQI community and the people leading the fight for their liberation from chains of secrecy and silence.

Download any of these wallpapers and showcase unity and belief in those around you.
Installing a Wallpaper
Go through the following steps and enjoy your latest wallpaper :
-> First, you should long press on an open space on the home screen of your phone.
-> When a menu has appeared in front of you, tap on to Wallpapers.
-> Once in, tap on Pick Image.
-> From the options enlisted, select the wallpaper you have downloaded.
-> Make sure that the image is centered to the screen to your liking, and apply zoom if need be.
-> Finally, tap on Set Wallpaper, and voila, you have a brand new pride wallpaper for your device.

These instructions, specific to Nova Launcher, are roughly the same on other launchers and phones and may work as generic steps.


Pride Icons

Given that icons on our Android devices are a combination of rainbow colors, one may wonder what else we can do in the pride month. Well, you can keep such icons in a small pride flag together around dock and also you can use custom icon packs like Glim. It has free and paid versions and will let you choose rainbow variants for almost all your apps which lie in the most used category from Google apps to Netflix, Facebook or even system apps. You can choose from thousands of colorful icons and turn your home screen into a homage to pride.

Following are the steps going through which you’d be able to choose an icon of your liking.

-> First of all, select an icon you do not like any more and press long enough on it.
-> When the menu opens, select Edit.
-> Now you need to click on the icon window. Once in, select Glim.
-> Once you select Glim you can browse it through Glim’s collection and in the top right corner you need to choose an open app icon on your screen.
-> Well anytime if you want  you can search the app icon in the search tab.
-> If you like something, tap on it and select Done.
You may repeat these steps with each one of your Dock icons that you wish different.

Pride Icons


Here are a few icons we think you might want to use from Glim for the pride month:

-> Light Flow (rainbow fan)
-> Lovoo (rainbow heart)
-> Music Maker Jam (rainbow sound waves)
-> Photodirector Cyberlink (rainbow camera lens)
-> Sony Sketch (Rainbow Prism)



You may add a little more information without hiding the beauty that the rainbow theme gives by adding a widget called Weather

1. Weather1 is exquisite modern weather app that scales well across many home screens and can blend in and stand out with ease that makes it a very desirable addition to the Pride package. The size and placement of the widget can be manipulated, and most launchers will handle them well. Additionally, they come in like a dozen different formats to prioritize your weather awareness. The following point is an instruction on how to add the 1Weather widget on a Nova Launcher, but the instructions for other launchers are roughly the same.
You need to add 1Weather Widget
After that on the home screen you need to press a long space then click on widget.
Then you need to Press and drag the 1Weather Compact Widget or 1Weather Tabbed widget and drag to that spot where you want it on the home screen.
Then, go to the Widget settings window where you will find Background, and tap on it.
Tap Dark to set your widget’s icons and accompanying text to white.
Tap Background Opacity and then slide it to 0% and then tap on OK.
Tap on Icon Set and White, then on Accent, and the color that best matches the color of the wallpaper you have chosen.
Tap Done when you are done.

Android Widgets


Please remember that the above points are in fact very few and limited to our taste and preference. Let us know in comments below which way you customized your home screen to show pride.

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