How To Recover Crashed Android After Failed Update

Updates to your phone and apps are promised and advertised as saviours and things that would make the phone experience better than the best, but it is often not the case as updates may not even show or in the worse case, may go terribly wrong and cause your system to crash. However, the reasons for these crashes are actually quite common and there are well known and pretty common solutions to recover your Android if it does crash. Also, you can recover data if it is lost in the crash.


Unstable Network Connection

An unstable Wi-Fi connection when you are updating your phone is almost always a bad thing, and you should take care that there are no issues with the internet connectivity such as your phone disconnecting from the Wi-Fi as soon as it falls asleep. Also, you should ensure that there is plenty of battery life left, and any disruption may cause your updates to crash.

Unstable network connection, network issue, internet disconnect, slow internet


Solution #1 : Reboot your phone, this is the easiest way to solve this problem.


Solution #2 : Re-flash firmware : Depending on the phone’s make, there are many ways to do this. Also, there are ways to manually install the updates if it comes to that.


Solution #3 : Recover lost data using recovery software : If you lose files in the crash, there are plenty of recovery software that you can download from the Play Store to recover your files.


Solution #4 : Factory Reset : This is an easy way to go back to where you started, but make sure you backup all your data before you reset your phone.


Solution #5 : Update via Computer Software : You can also update your phone using your PC by connecting it with a USB cable. You can find apps that do this on Google Play Store.


Update Failed with Errors

If the updates seem to work for some time, but then stop and show error, you might want to try these solutions:

Solution #1 : Use Carrier Provided Assistance : Your carrier will provide help with update based problems with help of technicians and apps, and you might want to turn to that in case of problems.

Solutions #2 : Wipe Cache Partition : First go to the Recovery Mode using combinations that are appropriate for your phone. Use the volume up and down buttons to make your navigation, and choose the option Wipe Cache, then return to Main Menu and choose Reboot System Now. You can also go to Mounts and Storage and Wipe Data and Wipe Cache there. This fixes the problem with Android Boot most of the times.

Solution #3 : Factory Reset : Go to the Bootloader or Recovery and factory reset, after you have backed up any data you can.

Solution #4 : Flash ROM : Once you are able to access Bootloader or Recovery, and backup your system, all you need to do is restore that backup from the menu.If not, you will need to install a new stock ROM onto your device or some custom ROM you know works. Flash the ROM and reboot.

Stuck in Android System Recovery

If you are stuck on the recovery screen, there are some things that you can do to recover your phone.

stuck in android system recovery, boot been stopped, OS issue

Solution #1 : Contact your service provider : Again, this is the safe option and if you want to play safe with your precious phone, you may want to have a technician look at your phone.

Solution #2 : Check for a defective key : A pressed down key may be the source of your problem, and this might just be because of a bad case or dust and spilled liquid. You should power down your device and remove the battery before you clean the keypad with a Q-tip dipped in some isopropyl alcohol. You might want to try a different case, one that fits better.

Solution #3 : Use Manufacturer-Provided Software – Samsung gives you Samsung Kies, LG PC Suite and Sony Xperia users may use Sony’s PC Companion. You can use these to connect your phone to a PC to back up your data and complete all necessary updates.

These programs can help you backup data and complete any necessary updates.

Solution #4 : Hard Rest : Choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset with Volume button, and then use the Power or Menu key to confirm.

Solution #5 : Manually Install Firmware : Use Odin if you are using a Samsung phone to download official firmware to your SD card that you can then use to install updates by selecting Install Update from SD Card in Recovery menu.


Where did the Update Go?

After you have recovered your Android, you might still wonder where the update you wanted vanished. To solve this, try the following:


Solution #1 : Manually Check For

Go to Settings > About Phone > System Update.

Solution #2: For

Error Message: “Software update is temporarily unavailable.”, it means that you need a new sim card.

Solution #3 : If you get Error code 410, you need to wipe you cache as explained earlier.

Solution #4 : Sideload update : Switch on

Developer Settings and USB Debugging. Unlock bootloader, if necessary. Go to the manufacturer’s official website using a PC browser. Flash the ROM and reboot. Use Odin if you happen to be using a Samsung phone, and RSD Lite if you are using a Motorola, whereas HTC Stock ROMs can be downloaded from the Bootloader Mode.


Android Stuck in Boot Loop

The Boot loop is very common after an update. However, it is easy to recover the device without losing any data. Follow these solutions –

Android stuck in boot loop, ROM issue, phone hanging, device slow

Solution #1 : Reboot your Android : Simply switch your device off and then back on.

Solution #2 : Soft Reset : Long-press the Power button for about 10 seconds. And then, restart your phone.

Solution #3 : Recovery Mode : This will let you to restart your device, apply updates from external storage, factory reset, clean cache partition, and/or apply updates from cache to your android.

Solution #4 : Recover Data & Factory Reset : Your Android has a specific key combination which will allow you to put it to Recovery Mode. You can then Factory Reset your device, solving any problem.

Crashed Android Apps

Your crashed Android might also affect your apps, resulting in crashed or disappeared apps. So you might have to recover some of these apps while fixing your crashed Android as per the steps below –

crashed android apps, app stopped working, issue with an app, hanging phone

Solution #1 : Use Safe Mode : The usual way to get your Android in Safe Mode is to long press the Volume Down and Power keys (however it might wary device to device). This mode will let you boot your system without running third party apps. Which will in turn let you decide if your problem is app related or system related. If your system is functioning normally in safe mode, that means there is some issue with the apps you downloaded.

Solution #2 : Put Your Android on a Soft Reset : Simply pull the battery out of your device and put it back. This will help you reset your device and do away with some problems.

Solution #3 : Reinstall Apps : You might also try uninstalling and then reinstalling apps which you think are causing problems.

Solution #4 : Browse Through Files : In case, your apps are gone, but the space us, ed is the same, use a file manager to browse through your files.

Solution #5 : Install/Uninstall App Updates : it is extremely easy to uninstall an app update that you believe might have caused the problem. Go to Play Store and update the app if updates are available. In case of uninstalling updates, turn it back.



ROM Flashing Program Can’t Find Your Device

At times during installing a ROM and/or using a custom recovery, your program might not be able to find the device or face Error 7. Following are the solutions for the same :

Solution #1 : Update Recovery : As the Status 7 error tends to happen on outdated program, updating it using ROM Manager might help you.

Solution #2 : USB Debugging : Open your Device Settings and select About Device. Scroll down and find Build number. After tapping it 7 times, you might see the announcement that you are a developer. Now go back to Settings and there, under Developer options select USB Debugging.

Solution #3 : Use TWRP : CWM might be the problem, which means you have to try an alternative.

Solution #4 : Test USB Cable : Use cables that came with your device. These work the best.


So in case your Android device got down, you can fix it after a failed update. But if you are having issues still, may be let us know in the comments, and we will help your fix your Android.

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