How To Reset Android Lock Screen Password And PIN

We all remember the days we had to struggle with PINs, passwords and pattern locks to access our smartphones (and sometimes, others). The new technology of fingerprint sensors takes care of all those inconveniences, making it possible for a phone to be accessed by only those whose fingerprints have already been authorized. Given the ease of fingerprint technology most of us now have another problem at our hands which is forgetting our PINs passwords and/or pattern locks.


Many a times app require along with fingerprint authorization a PIN as well, which if we do not remember halts the process. Now we can either keep on guessing and recalling what last PIN we set on our Android or we can opt for the easier route and check out what our PIN is using Google. As you own an Android, you must have it linked with a Google account. Simply use that account to access your PIN through Android Device Manager on a PC or another phone.

Following are the steps you would need to go through to reset your Android lock screen password and PIN through Android Device Manager :

Please note that it is extremely important that your Android device has its mobile data or WiFi turned on as Android Device Manager would need your phone to have a working network to work out the situation. In case your phone is on airplane mode and you have locked yourself out of it, there is not much you can do about it.

Now you can run Android Device Manager on another Android device or via an app or on your web browser. You would have to type in in the text box of your browser.

unlock android password and pin

Reset Android Lock Screen


Once there log in using your Google account which is also the account you have linked with your Android device facing the crisis.

Soon as you get inside, your options would be same irrespective of the platform you are using to access it. You would be shown a map and a box which would have all the devices linked to your Google account listed in it. Search for the device which you have forgotten the PIN of and click on its name.

Once you get to the right Android phone, check out what you have got. The options you get call for one or the other task. Like clicking on Ring would make it possible for you to locate your phone as it will start ringing. As you have forgotten your PIN and are locked outside of your device, we would suggest you to click on Lock. It will lead you to another menu which will have the option to set a new PIN for your Android. Choose the new PIN and enter it in the text box. When done, wait for a prompt announcing the new PIN and information regarding it has been sent to your Android device.

reset Android PIN

Android PIN Lock


Now, take your phone up and swipe the lock screen once again. Type in the new PIN that you have just created and congratulations, you just unlocked your phone.

Please note that sometimes the process will take a bit more time to complete than usual. The process – creating a new PIN, sending it to your device and having it confirm it can also face some hassles. You might get pop ups like Location Unavailable. You might also have to repeat the process a few times. Do remember that the process might not be able to function properly in case your location on the device is turned off or your device is hidden. We would suggest you to have Android Device Manager always with you in future as this can help you a lot in urgent situations. Also, please ensure the device and Android Device Manager are fully compatible and synced in.


We hope that using Android Device Manager you were able to access your phone again and reset its Lock screen password and PIN.  If you have any question regarding this please comment below.

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