How To Resolve Audio Sync Issue in Kodi

Audio Sync is the most common issue that users are facing while watching Videos on Kodi. Audio Sync issue is when the lip moments of the person in video doesn’t match with the sound of them speaking which can be very frustrating while watching the particular Video. In this blog post (how to) we will show you some simple steps that you need to follow to resolve Lip Sync issue in Kodi.

Lip Sync Issue

Kodi Lip Sync Issue

Lip Sync Issue

Kodi Lip Sync Issue

Follow the below instructions to resolve Audio Sync Issue in Kodi:

->From Home screen go into Kodi and play the Video on which you are facing Audio Sync issue

->While playing the Video on Kodi you will see the menu bar at the bottom of the screen

->Now click on little Speaker Icon that you can see at the right bottom of the screen

->Once you will click on Speaker Icon the little window will open up on the screen with different options

->Now click on Audio Offset, and adjust the slider until the Lip sync is achieved

That should resolve an Audio Sync issue in Kodi but if you still face any problems in resolving the Audio Sync issue in Kodi then feel free to contact us via Live Chat or Email(


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