How To Resolve Problems With Exodus Addon On Kodi 17.1

Many users have reported that they are facing few problems with Exodus Addon on new version of Kodi. Sometimes you are not able to find providers or you are not able to find certain things inside Exodus. Also it takes ages to find the working sources for playing Movies or TV Shows on Exodus Addon. I have troubleshooted this problem and found few things that can resolve this issue and can really improve the performance of Exodus Addon.
So if you are facing same problems with your Exdous Addon then you can follow this simple guide to resolve problems and improve performance of your Exodus Addon.

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Exodus providers

Exodus providers

Follow the below instructions to resolve the problems and improve performance of  Exodus Addon on Kodi 17.1:

01. First try to Force update Exodus Addon as sometimes Addons don’t update automatically

-> Select Exodus Addon, right click on it and then click on information

-> Now click on Update option and it will show latest version of Exodus available, click on it and it will start updating

02. Now click on Exodus Addon and inside Exodus you need to click on Tools option

03. Inside Tools option you can click on  “Exodus: Clear cache” as clearing cache can sometimes help with certain things

04. After that you need to click on “Exodus: Playback” and the first option that you can see is “Default Action”

05. Click on down Arrow and change it to Auto Play, when you will click on any content, it will instantaneously go through that content or might take few seconds

06. Now if you are having problems with certain Providers then you need to go inside Tools option and then click on “Exodus: Providers”

07. After clicking on Providers you can see list of Providers enabled on your Exodus.

08. Here you can disable particular provider that might be taking ages to find the individual source.

09. So if you want to be quick and don’t want to wait for ages then disable that particular provider by clicking on it and then click on Ok.

10. After disabling particular Provider when you will play a Movie or TV Shows it wouldn’t search for that provider.

11. Also you can change Providers Timeout to 10 seconds by going into “Exodus: General” settings to make your Exodus more quicker

So these are few ways through which you can improve the performance of your Exodus Addon.
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