How To Send Information From Computer To Phone Using Google

Mostly we are better and more comfortable while typing on the keyboards of our desktops and laptops instead of our tiny phone keyboards, which can literally mess up the text at times. So next time you are on your computer, and need to do something on your phone like create a task or an alarm or a note even, no need to get stuck on your smartphone. Simply get it done using your computer only with Google’s Android Action Cards.


You can send directions to your phone, search terms you want, set an alarm and reminders or even locate where your device is. This means you can actually work on your Android device from your computer and send whatever information you want directly to it without even touching it. Once it is done, you can simply pick up your phone and go about your business without worrying. Read below to understand how you can do link your device with your PC and enjoy the freedom Android provides –


Linking Android to Google

You would have to follow these steps to get your Android Action Cards working –

Make sure your Google app is updated. You can open your Play Store to update it.

Open your Google app. Click on the Menu section in the upper left section of your screen. Select Settings and tap on Cards. Turn the toggle on for Show Cards and Show Notifications or any other such details.
Go to your Google account section and turn on Web & App activity.
Most important – log in using the same Google account on both your computer and the device you are using.

Once you are done with all the above steps, you would find you can search content which would help you send information from your computer to the Android device you own.

Linking Android to Google

Linking Android to Google


Sending Directions to Android

As we discussed above once your device and PC are linked, you can simply put in whatever you need to search on and have the necessary information sent to your Android. Let’s say you need to send directions to some place. Simply, enter the text send directions in the search box on Google Home Page. Doing so will get you the location of your phone along with a widget where you can put in the destination you need directions to. Once that is done, simply tap on Send Directions to My Phone and the deed would be done. So now, the information you searched on your desktop is sent to your Android device. Next time you are using your phone, click on start navigation in Google Maps and you would be good to go.

Sending Directions to Android

Sending Directions to Android


Sending Note to Android

Many a times we put stuff down in writing so we can visit it back later – this can include anything, from a to-do list to your thoughts or an idea you had for your business model. Simply put in Send a Note on Google Home Page and the note shall be sent to your Android in form of a notification with the content you put.


Set an Alarm or a Reminder

Well, it might be obvious that you need to simply enter the text again for what you want to send to your device – which is setting an alarm or a reminder. Please note that these alarms can only be set for the same day and would be there on your device’s built in clock app. The reminders that you set would be set using the new Google Now card which will show the reminder you set on your phone.


Bonus Tips

It is incredibly functional to have your Android device linked with your desktop. It will help you locate your phone by simply typing Find My Phone if you ever lose it again. You can even lock your phone and/or delete whatever data is there on it using Android Device Manager, which will help you with locating your lost Android, setup a lock screen message and ring it as well.


Let us know how you find these tips and if it enhanced your Android experience in the comments below.

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