How To Share YouTube TV With Family And Friends

Google’s YouTube TV has begun to gather popularity, letting you stream live television to your phone directly without you needing a connection from the local cable company. This is an internet-based cable service, and YouTube TV is definitely not the only such service in the market – there is Sony’s PlayStation Vue that allows you to watch and record live TV across multiple platforms, while DirecTV Now is a satellite-free alternative to cable companies.


SlingTV is a rather unconventional alternative to watching your favourite shows without a cable box. YouTube TV’s USP is to offer a price for its service that falls somewhere in the middle of these three, while at the same time promising expanded features and smooth and error-free streaming. While offering a host of cable TV channels, it also offers something called the YouTube Originals which are movies and TV shows accessible previously only to YouTube Red subscribers.


You can also add additional networks to your subscription by paying extra. The Cloud DVR service lets you record shows so you can watch them later, and you can even record them commercial free with a simple tap in the YouTube TV app. The best thing about the YouTube TV app, though, is it will work on almost everything that has a screen. Android and iOS apps are available, as is a website (like NetFlix) that lets you watch and modify your account. Finally, if you have a TV that has a Chromecast dongle or Google cast service enabled, you may even stream the YouTube TV content directly onto your TV.

The fun with YouTube TV does not stop here though. The $35 a month price tag is attractive considering the range of features and its compatibility with the many devices. You can actually share your subscription with five other friends and family members at no additional price. You can create a family group and manage the account easily, though only from the website and not on the smartphone.

YouTube TV for watching live TV

YouTube TV


For doing this you need to go to your YouTube Settings. First click on Accounts and then you need to Scroll down to find the section called Set Up. Select it and from the menu opened, tap on Family Sharing Settings. This will lead you to the section where people can be invited to share your YouTube TV. These people invited will receive the invitation in their Gmail, and they can login with their Google credentials to complete the setup. They can access YouTube TV from the web browser, or from their Android or Apple phones with the same login credentials. This was your monthly cable subscription could be shared to a maximum of five people. Your step by step guide is as follows:

-> Click on
-> Go to your account, and there select SetUp. You will find your Family Sharing section on the list opened thus.
-> From here, you can easily begin to send out invites for others to join your group.
-> Once your friends/family and other people whom you invited, receive this invitations, they would be needed to log in using their Gmail account, which will finish the process. Thus they would be able to enjoy YouTube on their desktop or mobile using browser or apps with the same login ID and password.

Paying thirty five bucks is sure not a bad deal when you are getting so much in return along with five other people. Have you gotten yourself YouTube TV yet? If you have indeed, let us know what you think of it in the section below. If no, why not? What other video streaming options do you use? Do these different platforms let you use your subscription with friends and family? Do shoot out your queries and answers to us in the section below.

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