How To Soft Reset Your Android Box

If  you want to reset your Box or your Box memory is full of Junk files or Temp files and you want to erase the whole data from your Box then you must go for Soft Reset. Soft Reset will erase the whole data from your Box except the Apps that are preinstalled on the Box. After Soft Reset your Android Box it will be back to the normal condition and then you can reinstall Addons, Apps or whatever you want to install or download on your Box.

Soft Reset Android Box

Factory Reset Android Device

Follow the below instructions to Soft Reset your Android Box, also you will find the Video Tutorial at the end of textual instructions:

01.Start your Box as normal

02.From Home screen of your Box go into Settings

03.Click on More Settings

04.Click on Backup and Reset and make sure Automatic restore option is Tick checked

05.Click on Factory Data Reset

06.Click on Reset Device

07.Once you will click on Reset Device you will get an popup screen “Do you want to erase everything”, Tick check the option and click OK

08.Now the Box will start erasing the data and will restart with fresh Factory Settings

09.Once you will be back to the Home Screen of your Box give it around 20-30 mins till it will restore the preinstalled Apps like Kodi and then you can reinstall Addons or other Applications on your Box.

Here is the Video Tutorial on How To Factory Reset Your Android Box:


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