How To Stop Apps From Force Closing on Android

Did your app stop working on your Android? Yes, we know the fear is real. As soon as we get to something important, our phone decides to act out and an app or program stops working, specially the one we are using for some important work. Apps force close many times, and this is a very frustrating experience to go through, but please take a look at the below points and make sure you are doing the things you can to stop forced closing of Android apps from happening –


1: Free up Some RAM

The RAM or Random Access Memory is pretty much the amount of memory your Android can handle at one time. In case your phone has used more RAM than it has, you won’t be able to use it. Which means that any time a certain app tries to open up, it tries to take up more space. In case your phone does not have extra RAM, it won’t let the app run, forcing it to close. As you can not increase the available RAM, make sure you clean up the one not being used by following these steps –

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2. Look at Available RAM

First of all, you would have to check how much RAM is available to you originally. To figure that out, go to Storage Settings and select Apps. Go to your Running apps list and check how much RAM you have free. Also check, how much is being used by apps and how much is being used by Android itself (you can not do much to clear this portion).

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3. Stop Processes and Close Apps

Now the second step has to be to end the apps and processed which are taking up much of your RAM. You can use a Task Killer, but first check if any of the apps using RAM are open on your Android. If these are, close these apps and then wait. After some time, check your RAM again which will be a little freer now. However, the cache still remains and if the results of the freed RAM are not satisfactory enough, click on one of the apps in Running section and select stop process. This will free up more space.

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4. Task Killers

In case the first two steps are not helping you, use a Task or App Killer. But be ware, you must use it very rarely as using it often will ruin your Android’s processing ability in the longer run.

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5. Uninstall and Reinstall Apps

In case clearing RAM is not solving your problem, it might be possible that the app itself or some other app is causing the problem. You can take the following steps –


           1. Uninstall the App

                The app which is problematic, you can uninstall it. Just go to Storage Settings, find the app and uninstall it.

           2. Reinstall and Open the App

          3.  Now once the app is done, open your Play Store and download the app again. Install it and run it again.

          4.  If the app still acts out, some other app on your Android might be affecting it.

          5.  Checking Open Apps and Processes

Go back to your current RAM usage. Check for other apps which are open alongside the app facing problems opening. In case the force closing is a recent problem, an app that you might have installed recently shall be the problem. Go to Storage Settings and uninstall apps till you find one whose uninstalling stops the force closing.


Basic Troubleshooting

If the problem persists, then the problem might be deeper than an app. Follow basic trouble shooting steps and make sure the issue is fixed.

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Though apps force closing is frustrating, but 99% of the time it will be fixed by top two steps. Clearing your RAM won’t take that long, and make sure you become a regular at it. Let us know if you are still having force closing on your Android apps.

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