How To Stream Tv Shows and Movies On Android For Free

With new age technology and what not on our disposal, we are truly living the age of enlightenment. Free. Yes, the world we are living today in works on free. As opposed to the old ‘there are no free lunches’, we have moved on to the era of freebies, enjoying free coupons, sales, free snacks, free alcohol and free content. Today, when practically the need to go to theaters to enjoy cinema is over, all we have to decide between is free and paid content – and the choice, duh, is easy. Who wants the constraint of time, space and medium when their favorite tv show is just a click away on the toilet seat, with their pad/phone in hand! So here are the ways to stream unlimited tv shows and movies on your android – for free (you can thank us later) :



Here is your first guilty pressure – the CBS app, which will let you stream as much as you wish to on your favorite android device. The bonus being you do not have to get your credentials verified, which in other words mean you pay nothing. Zilch. Nada.

The app hosts shows like The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, and Two and a Half Men, along with late night classics as The Late Show with David Letterman and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.


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The CW Network –

You can browse through the classic CW gems like America’s Next Top Model, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries (Ian Somarhalder FTW) and other TV shows on your android through this incredible platform. The app like the CBS one does not require any subscription credentials, only downside being you have to consume the ads of no particular liking (but then given the free content you get to enjoy, small sacrifices are alright). Head here if wanna soak yourself in some glam and vampire love, with no dearth of happening content.


The History Channel –

This one is a shout out to all the freaks and geeks out there. Hop on to this adrenaline fueled ride as this one offers reality shows like Gangland, Mountain Men and Tucker. The History app also boasts of a feature which lets you search shows depending on topics like World War II, with the only con of showing a handful of ads (which you actually consume when you watch the channel on TV as well). All in all, the app is an extremely useful means to stream TV shows and movies on your android.

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Crackle –

The next in the list is Crackle, which gets updated monthly with new TV shows and movies for you to stream on your android. The app which was created by Grouper is now bought by Sony. The app also lets you stream its select content along with ads running at set intervals. Crackle also has a range of in-house content much like Netflix and Amazon. One such show you can sure catch up on is ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ which stars Jerry Seinfeld (Note – The show has already been visited by Ex President of United States of America, and the man of many dreams, Barack Obama).

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Hulu –

The online streaming sensation Hulu along with Netflix and Amazon is bent on changing the way we are used to stream TV shows and movies on our android devices. The app allows access to premium TV shows and movies, catch being no subscription fee at all. The app boasts of many current and classic shows Originals, movies along with few children shows.

Here it is to be noted that the app lets you access its content without any kind of fee, however paying $7.99 a month provides full access to the the Hulu library (with a few ads), while paying $11.99 per month gets you full access without the irritating ads as well. Now it pretty much depends on you how free you want your streaming on Android to be.

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The SPB TV app offers the most eccentric collection of content from around the world on this list. The app lets you choose between NASA channel and Comedy For Women which is pretty cool and intriguing. The app certainly is not about Hollywood blockbusters or the latest TV shows but lets you use its different stations according to your sensibilities.


Toon Mania –

This takes care of our anime needs, making it unbeatable if it is dubbed cartoons you want to stream on your android. The app has a clean and sharp layout which lets you search and narrow down to the shows you have been looking out for. It has filters as well as popularity and recently added features making the search a little bit easier.

However the app is not available to be downloaded from Google Play Store and instead has to be downloaded from Mobi24, which requires one to turn on the unknown sources setting on their device, enabling the system to download from unknown sources.

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Crunchyroll –

If only Google Playstore apps are your things, you should head to Crunchyroll, which will let you access huge selection of Anime for free. The app lets you enjoy your favorite Anime shows for free, with subtitles in English. The app has got decent reviews on Playstore and is paid for $4.99 to avoid the insufferable ads.


FilmOn –

This is an entertaining app featuring a broad range of channels live along with classic, B grade movies, horror and Kung-Fu movies. The app lets you watch much interesting content live with some nice sports channels as well.

The app lets you access the content for free in trade off with ads, however it is not as established yet as Netflix or even Hulu. The live stream works well on the app and it might surprise you with some of its content.

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Editors Note:
To browse all these services, and more free online streaming sites, one has to make sure their security is not at stake. One sure shot way to do that is to use VPN (virtual private networks) which basically encrypt your server data making it impossible to track your IP address, disappearing you literally in the world of internet. Using a VPN is highly recommended in these days and times, when access to unlimited data is so easily available and so lucrative, making it absolutely mandatory for anyone streaming TV shows and movies on android devices. Make sure you have a VPN before you get going on streaming through these applications. To get started with the VPN that we personally use and recommend to our readers please Click Here To Get Started

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