How To Stream Videos Via Gmail

Video attachments on emails sent over the popular Gmail were always a hassle as you could not preview them directly from the mail and always had to end up downloading them. This can be a real big problem if you have a slow internet connection, or operate via mobile internet where every MB of data counts. This is all set to change now, with Gmail rolling out a small but important new feature that lets you stream video attachments without downloading them first.

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The feature is modelled after and uses the same technology as the YouTube and Google Drive previews that, as you might have noticed, have carried the feature for a long time. The idea is to deliver at optimal quality and availability. If you click on the video attachment in the mail, you will see a YouTube style player in the window, that also provides you options to adjust playback speeds and audio levels.

This feature is particularly useful addition if you are looking to send videos shot on phone over to other people, but the 50 MB limit on the size of videos if the receiver is using his iCloud email account is a little problematic if you want to send a slightly longer video or something in high resolution. We shouldn’t be complaining though, as the limit has only been recently raised to 50 MB from the 25 MB it was for quite some time. Google has limited this new update to the emails ‘received’ by the users. Anyone sending out a mail with an attached file to a non-Gmail account still has to adhere to the existing 25MB limit. The feature is a boon for Gmail users as it enhances the convenience with which they can transfer data on the Google platform. For any data transfer above the prescribed limit, Google users can use of course Google Drive.


The limits on the size of attachments applies to videos too so you can not go beyond the mandated 250 MB (50 MB if you are sending the attachment from another mail provider). Anyhow, the feature is a great addition to the Gmail experience and certainly makes it very convenient to view video attachments, especially on a slow or mobile internet connection. Google is rolling out this new feature in phases, and all users are supposed to be covered in the next 15 days.


Another update that has stood out recently is the new automatic smart reply system that will has the ability to analyse your message and gives you the option of sending three alternative replies – “No thanks”, “I’ll think about it” or “I’ll send it to you”. All you have to do is tap on the appropriate reply and Gmail will send it for you. This smart technology would help save considerable time and hassle for the bulk of emails that you receive. The feature is being offered only for iOS and Android users, and just in English but that is expected to change soon.


Also, Gmail is soon to introduce a warning for users if the email they are reading is from a non-secure connection. Google says that this is no guarantee that the message will not be read but it will certainly go a long way if the users know that the email is from a non-encrypted source and might contain a virus.


Google reports that about 60% of mails it handles come from such connections and this is what has prompted it to warn users about the emails. The various levels of warnings are supposed to help users stay ahead of any malware or virus that may end up being downloaded onto their systems or phones.

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