How To Switch Skins In And Add Shortcuts in Kodi

Some of the users want to change the skin inside Kodi. Some don’t like it and want to switch or some want a simpler  one so here is how you can change the skin inside Kodi. In case you find it difficult to follow the textual instructions we have also a video tutorial at the end of the instructions.

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-> Start your box as normal

-> Go into Kodi (XBMC or DBMC if you are using these apps instead of Kodi)

Note: We assume that you have loaded a skin already inside your Kodi and now you want to change the skin to basic confluence skin.

-> Go into SYSTEM

-> Then go into Appearance

-> Select Skin Option and  then on the right side you will see Skin written, select it and you will get a pop up with some options to choose from.

-> Now select Confluence Skin by Jezz which is Kodi Default Skin and ACCEPt changes

-> Now if you go back to main menu of Kodi you will see the skin will be changed.

-> This skin is the most stable skin of Kodi

->If you have changed to the Confluence skin do not worry that where your Add-ons are

-> The Add-ons will be inside VIDEOS and then Add-ons

-> Now to add Submenus (tile shortcuts below main menu)

-> We will go into SYSTEM

-> Then from the menu on the left we will select Appearance

-> On the right side you will see Settings below Skin, click on it

-> Then from the left we will go into Add-on Shortcuts

-> On the right side you can see that this Skin has sub menu for Videos, Music, Pictures etc

-> In the Homepage Videos submenu

-> Click on Add-on 1 and we will see a list of Add-ons in VIDEOS section

-> For example if we will select Genesis Add-on and then we can go back and check if it has been added in VIDEOS

-> Now goto the Kodi main screen and select VIDEOS, you will see Genesis below VIDEOS

-> You can add more Add-ons like in the same manner.

Here is a video tutorial on How To Switch Skins and Add Shortcuts in Kodi:


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