How To Test Internet Speed On Fire TV Or Fire TV Stick

To play HD Streams (Movies, TV Shows, Live TV) on your Fire TV or Firestick through Kodi or any other application, you need to have good internet speed so that you will get smooth playback. If you don’t know how to test internet speed on Fire TV or Firestick then follow the below guide.

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In this Step-by-step guide, I will teach you about “How to test your Internet speed on FireStick”. This tutorial can also be applied to Amazon Firestick 4k, Fire TV Cube, and other Fire TV devices. And the most exciting thing is this, that it applies to both Wired and Wi-fi internet connection.

Well, If you are facing buffering on FireStick, then I am sure that you would surely check your internet connection speed. A slow wi-fi connection not only tests your patience but also causes many streaming problems.

BUT, I have fetched out some of the easiest methods to check out your connection speed on Firestick/ Fire TV Cube. This is what I’ll show you in this tutorial.

Read Me: Trust me! you are not required to have a connection speed of 100 Mbps for butter streaming on FireStick. If you stream in 4K UHD, 20 Mbps is quite a nice speed.

How To Check Internet Speed On Firestick

You can observe your internet speed by using any of the following methods described below:

  • By using the speed test app called Internet Speed Test
  • By using a speed test app called Analiti
  • By using a browser on FireStick

All of the above methods are equally easy and reliable. They will fetch out results in no time. I mostly prefer the “Browser” method.

1- Test Internet Speed With The Internet Speed Test App

The Internet speed test app is ranked very remarkable when it comes to checking your connection speed. This application is easily available on the Amazon Store.

So, let’s begin with the steps:

1: Open the home window of Firestick. Now you have to click on the search option which is placed on the upper left corner.

click search button in firestick

2: Now for the second step, you have to type some sort of keywords like ” Speed test”.

3: Now you have to click on “Speed test” in the search results.

type speed test firestick

4: Now, you have to select the“internet Speed Test App” from the list of applications.

select internet speed test app

5: Now you have to click on the “Download” option and wait until the application is completely installed.

speed test app download

6: Now if the app is installed, click on “Open”, to check your internet speed.

install speed test app

7: Now you have to click on the “Start Test” option.

start speed test in the app

8: Now you have to wait, until the app shows you the test results.

speed test results firestick

2- Test Firestick Internet Speed With Analiti

Now, I am going to introduce you to another test App, which is popular as “Analiti”. You can easily avail these apps on Amazon Store.

Now , stick to the following steps :

1: Now you have to click on the “search” option and again type some sort of keywords like internet speed test.

speed test firestick analiti

2: The next screen will bless you with a lot of apps. Now you have to choose “Analiti”. You can also o through with any other apps of your own choice.

choose analiti firestick

3: Click on the “download” option displayed on your screen in order to check out your internet speed.

install analiti speed test

4: Now you have to keep waiting until the app is completely installed. Now, you can open it.

analiti firestick

5: Now you have to click on the “detailed test” option, which is located on the extreme left of the menu.

You may receive the results of tests within a few seconds. You will see two colors elaborating on a graph. The red color graph will point out the download speed whereas the green color indicates upload speed.

speed test firestick result

3- How To Test Fire Tv or Firestick Internet Speed With Browser

Let me tell you that this is one of the most easy method to look out the speed on Fire TV Stick. Anyhow, it can be completely trustable.

You can also download any browser with good compatibility from the Amazon Store. Like, Firefox or Silk browser. I really like Firefox.

Now follow the following steps to check out your internet connection:

1: Now open the home screen of your Firestick, Now select the

“Search” option in the upper-left corner.

2: Now search out for the browser of your choice, like Firefox.

Now, you have to click on Firefox that is the second option.

firefox firestick

3: The appearing screen will display you a bunch of options. Click on Firefox.

open firefox in firestick

4: Now, you have to click on download or get in order to check your internet speed.

download firefox on firestick

5: Now you have to open the browser once, it will be installed.

open firefox in firestick

6: Now you can make sections of your own choice.

open mode firefox firestick

7: When you reached the home-screen of fire fox. Select on the address bar.

address bar firestick

8: Now you have to type the following URL, (this website is powered by Netflix)

Now you have to click on “Next” button on your Fire TV Stick.

speed test firestick fast

9: Now you have to wait until the web page automatically starts to test the speed of the connection.

Now this is how you will see the outcome and thus you have tested the internet speed on fire tv stick.

result firestick speed test

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