How To Use NFC On Android Device

One of the newer features that Android has come up with is NFC which is basically near field communication. It is what it claims – a way to connect two devices that are in close proximity (4 inches or so) to each other. It is incredibly convenient way of connecting your devices at home and makes sharing and enjoying content extremely easy. The feature was introduced in 2010, meaning your smartphone most probably has it. Out of uses that you can put NFC to using phone to phone payment options is actually pretty cool. Here are a few ways that you can use NFC on your Android to make the experience amazing –


Sharing Content

Once you get two or more Androids in the same room, sharing becomes a dream. Simply put the back of your devices together and share pictures, contacts, videos and other data easily. Just clicked a photo of your group on the night out? Simply share it as soon as you clicked it by tapping the back of your phones together and you are good to go.

 Sharing content through NFC

Android NFC Sharing content


How To Set Up Your New Android

If you have got yourself a new Android smartphone? Well, congratulations. The new Android comes with this super slick Tap & Go feature which will help you setup your Android. The feature, which you will find during setup, makes sure all your old applications, google accounts and other important data is transferred from the old, used Android device to your new Android smartphone during the setup. This saves you the pain of downloading and reinstalling everything. If you have missed on this amazing feature, simply go to your Settings and reset your device to factory settings. As that is done, you can use Tap & Go to your pleasure.


Making Payments

You can use NFC to pay directly via your credit card and debit card. You would have to save your cards on Google wallet for this and swipe your device to register. Google Wallet is a product by Google in partnership with Master card which means it could be used everywhere almost.

Making payments

Making Payments


Sharing Your Wi-Fi

It is super troublesome every time we have people coming over and the first thing we have to worry about is sharing our super long and super embarrassing WiFi password. Now, we have a solution in form of NFC. NFC tags can be made to perform actions whenever swiped which includes logging onto WiFi network for example. Thus no one gets to know or type into the long passwords making it safer and more convenient. All you need is Android smartphones and NFC reader app which can be used for free.

Sharing WIFI on android

Sharing WIFI


NFC Tags

As discussed above NFC tags can be programmed to get stuff done – stuff like logging onto wifi, launching apps, making the display less bright, setting alarms, etc. It completely depends on your technical efficiency but NFC tags are a pretty badass way to perform a lot of actions. What’s more – writing these NFC tags or programming them may seem difficult but can be easier than that. You would need an app to write the tags and many can be downloaded from Google Play Store. We would suggest you to have your business cards embedded with an NFC tag, making it possible for people you meet to save your contact in a swipe.

NFC Tags for android

NFC Tags


Just The Tip of the Iceberg

All that we discussed here in this post about NFC and NFC tags is limited. You may put these little things to many uses once you have got the hang of it, You can use them all around you house or office and make good use of it. You can get your phone to adapt whenever it’s surroundings are changed – many such possibilities are there once you start using NFC tags. Let us know in comments below which is your favorite NFC hack on Android.

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