How To Watch Live TV On Kodi Like a Pro

Kodi (formerly known as the X-Box Media Centre or the XBMC) is an open source media player application that has challenged the way TV works, even in the world of smart TVs.


This software was originally made as an independently developed homebrew media player application named Xbox Media Center (abbreviated as XBMC) for the first-generation Xbox game console, and was later made available under the name XBMC as a native application for Android, Linux, BSD, macOS, iOS/tvOS, and Microsoft Windows-based operating systems. It works across platforms, on PCs and Android phones and TVs, and allows users to play and stream media such as music, videos, photos through something called add-ons. The add-ons are somewhat like apps on phones, and let you stream from a variety of standard as well third-party sources.

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The third party add-ons have spawned what has now become the Kodi box industry, although that has come with its own vices as many third-party add-ons have been accused of facilitating media piracy. This has given Kodi a lot of negative publicity, but most users agree that it is one of the most resourceful and attractive ways to organise and stream media on your phone. Kodi also provides you with additional functionality like compatibility with your Plex server that lets you watch media content available on your PC directly on your phone. One of the better functionalities of Kodi TV is its ability add Live TV as an add-on with quick and simple steps, which we will detail in this article along with a few tips on how to use your Kodi TV best on your phone and screencasted on your TV.


It is not just TV channels delivered over internet, called the IPTV, that can be added over Kodi but actual Over The Air (OTA) channels that you can watch with the right hardware and compatible plugins. We will use HDHomeRun Connect tuner, but this guide can be used instructionally for other supported PVR software. And also you need to setup your hardware first. Using the HDHomeRun is not the same thing as installing another add-on. HDHomeRun has a dedicated app while a third party PVR client integrated TV channels right into the Kodi interface, helping you iron over several things.


Enable Your Live TV on Kodi

First you need to click on Add-ons which are in the sidebar of  Kodi then  click on My Add-ons and then select the option PVR Clients. From the list that appears on the right, click on the client that fits your hardware, and then click on Install. Its all you have to do for enabling Live TV on your kodi.  As promised, this was quick and easy and all you have to do now is to go back to TV menu in the sidebar.

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All the channels have been added to Kodi’s main interface, and if you go to your TV section in Kodi, it will give out a list of channels on the left with a list of shows and movies playing on the right, to browse more channels, all you have to do is scroll.


You can also find a great TV guide that helps you view everything thay is on TV on the now and upcoming across the entire channel list. Once you are watching something live, when you bring out the upcoming guide or even the full guide, the channel never closes what you are watching, all it does it fade itself into the background. This is a great feature if you are watching a live match and do not want to miss those dying moments or a sudden goal.

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