How You Can Find Your Lost Android Using A Computer

One of the better things about an Android phone has to be the Device Manager which will let you find your phone if you have lost it. What’s more – it is completely free to use Device Manager. You can thus use it any time to locate your phone, ring it up or to lock its screen to ensure safety and privacy or in extreme cases, delete your data altogether. In the article below, we are discussing just that, have a look.


Android Device Manager

Simply open your PC or laptop, head to your browser and put in the following URL to open Android Device Manager –

This is going to be the easiest and surest ways to find your lost/missing device. Android Device Manager can be accessed through Play Store app. What is however important is that you would need to have a Google account to use Android Device Manager. Given that you are a proud Android owner, it seems no issue that you would have a Google account that you would have synced in with your Android that has gone missing. You need to login to Google account used on Android Device Manager. This application (or feature) mainly can do four things –

It will tell you where your lost device is on a map.
It will let you ring your phone, no matter if it is on silent or vibrational mode.
It will let you lock your device from a remote platform.
It will let you delete everything from your lost device.


However please note that the location shown on the map would be actually last known location of the device while using Google maps with accuracy of about 800 metres. The data will be refreshed by tapping on the compass like icon located at the top corner of the information box.


Ringing Your Silent Android


As stated above, Android Device Manager will let you ring your Android device remotely. The device can even be on silent or vibrational mode – the Manager will do the trick. You simply have to tap on the Ring icon. A window will pop up informing you that going ahead will make your phone ring at the maximum volume level. Simply tap again on the Ring button on the bottom of this window. Your lost device will start ringing thus and will ring for 5 minutes. If you do find your phone, you would have to press the power button and the ringing would stop. This feature is amazing for days when you seem to have lost your phone in your house or in a restaurant in the back of a sofa.

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Locking the Screen of Lost Android


Let’s say you could not locate your device even after ringing it, which calls for desperate measures. First of all, you need to ensure the security of your phone. For that, you would have to lock your device’s screen thus that no one can access it. You would have to click on the Lock icon to do this. When you click, a window will pop up with the following empty fields (asking you to fill them in) –
Alternative Contact Number

Once you fill up the above information, your phone will become secure and no one would be able to access it unauthorizedly. In case, someone happens to find it, they would be thus able to return it to you by calling you up as the information you provided (message and phone number) will be displayed on the lock screen. However we will suggest you to always have your lock screen set up such as in case it gets lost, the finder can contact you. Also, it is extremely important to have your data safe as your phone has access to all your social media platforms as well as mail boxes and other sensitive information..


Erasing Data From Lost Android


Once it has been two days or more since you lost your phone, the chances of having it back have decreased proportionally. Well, we hope it does not happen, but if it does, you would have to make sure it does not fall in the wrong hands. That means resetting your phone to factory settings and having all its data deleted is your safest bet to protect your privacy.

Simply click on the Erase icon from Android Device Manager and have all the content of your Android erased. You will have a window pop up informing your of the phone being reset to Factory Settings. We understand it is a tough decision to make for any cellphone owner, but it is extremely important to ensure the safety and security of your important data such as mailboxes, contact lists, social media platforms, and other sensitive information. We would also suggest you to change each and every password of the accounts you were using from the phone.

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Let us know in the comments below if you found your lost phone using Android Device Manager.

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