Lenovo Goes Down The Stock Android Road

Many a times manufacturers who are producing incredible hardware for customers all by themselves do not actually come up with as great softwares. And this is something which can ruin any great hardware solution – if it does not have a software as amazing as hardware, the smartphone is not and will not be as great as it could. On the other hand, sometimes, the software results in becoming bloatware given the too much goodness that a company tries to put in it, making its functioning awful. Customers are, more often than not, not ready to let go of such flaws.

However over the past many years now, manufacturers have started realizing these type of mistakes and it has now become sort of a ritual for a company to go pure – that is to go down the stock Android (with less and lesser changes) road. The latest brand to do this might be our trusted, incredible Chinese brand Lenovo which will launch its newest K8 Note with Android 7.1.1 in a default state (well, almost). The company has recently made an announcement about their shift to this Android experience at its purest and it has made clear that all the upcoming smartphones by the company would be having stock Android starting with K8 Note.

Lenovo Note K8 Android phone

Lenovo Note K8


You may note that till date Lenovo has been using the standard UI Layer which is called as Vibe UI, produced by the company itself. Last year the company changed the name to Vibe Pure UI to rebrand this software solution at the launch of their K6 Power. This rebranding was supposed to mark the company’s effort and willingness in reducing bloatware in their devices, which worked well for the time being.

However their decision to go stock surely seems to be impacted by the will of millions of customers world over who have now demanded for a better, slicker and neater functioning of smartphones and Android for years now. The other main concern that the company might have finally wanted to take a call on would be bloatware which will be removed as the company goes stock. Lenovo’s Head of Product Marketing Anuj Sharma was reported to have said that their company observed a trend which led them to a conclusion of removing Vibe Pure UI completely from from their smartphones.

Lenovo K6 Power android phone

Lenovo K6 Power


Apart from the obvious improved functions of Operating Systems, going pure stock Android will also impact the company’s performance in providing Android updates. By going stock Lenovo has ensured that in future the updates to its different devices will be faster and more readily available to a huge array of devices. It is however being expected that Lenovo would also opt for some additions to the stock Android just like the Moto Devices. These additions can be TheaterMax and Dolby Atmos which might feature in upcoming stock Android smartphones by Lenovo as well. The company has also confirmed that their latest Lenovo K8 note will be released in India on ninth of August, marking it first smartphone by the company to feature stock Android 7.1.1.

This step by one of the biggest phone manufacturers around the world has surely provided more credibility to the fact that if you are a tech geek, and have certain advices or suggestions or complaints about a product, do try and make sure your voice is heard. You may feel that the big companies do not care a lot about your concerns, but that is something that is not entirely true. It may be that these companies do not make it obvious enough, but they do care about the feedback their products are getting, and having a large group of customers talking about the same issues over and over again can actually pay you in fact in the longer run.


Like, in the matter on hand, Lenovo is going ahead with all the enhancements like Dolby Atmos that make its devices great and lovable for the customers, which benefits the users only in the longer run. On the other hand, going the stock road would sure enhance the user experience and make sure that the devices are free of bloatware as much as possible. We can now sure expect the K8 Note and other upcoming devices by Lenovo to be as fast as they were in the beginning for longer periods of active usage.


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