List Of Best Apps For Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, Google’s new hit launches have paid it well for the company. While the devices are a hit amongst android users (tablets, smartphones), app makers are tapping the potential market of creating compatible apps to both these devices. While Chromecast lets you stream videos to your TV screens, Chromecast Audio will let you connect to any speaker and stream audio. Here is a list of our best picks of apps that make your experience of Chromecast and Chromecast Audio even more enjoyable-

Movie and TV Subscription Services

  1. Netflix – One of the earliest streaming services available, Netflix has gone through a lot over the years. Chromecast is available for Netflix on Android 4.1 or higher. Once you get Netflix on your Chromecast, you can stream all the movies and TV shows available to you on 1080p depending on your internet connection. While the service gives you a large variety of shows and movies to choose from, as well as some amazing features like subtitles, surround sound and audio dubbing, it does seem a lot on the pocket given that the company seems to increase the rates in the coming days.
  2. Hulu Plus – this is another movie and TV show streaming service, which gives you access to unlimited streaming by paying a slightly lesser amount than Netflix. All that you stream on your Android on Hulu, can then be streamed on your TV via Chromecast.
  3. HBO Now – like HBO Go, this is a standalone streaming service. It does not require a cable subscription package, but will let you access your favorite HBO shows like Game of Thrones and The Wire on your Android (and TV via Chromecast) after paying for the services every month.
  4. MegaCast – this is ensure you one of the most incredible viewing experiences on Chromecast. The app uses real time transcoding to make sure you can play any video without any delays and restrictions. In case, Chromecast does not support the video, MegaCast will convert it without a wait. It is one of the first real time converters. Now, you just can watch any video with a click for free. No need to worry about video support and geo restrictions. You can also use the Settings to enhance your experience. Change subtitles or improve video quality and enjoy MegaCast.
  5. AllCast – the app, developed by Koushik Dutta, is one of the best streaming apps for Chromecast. The app can also be used for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 369, Roku, etc. However the app has only a free version with five minute viewing limit per session, and you would have to cough up money for the premium version.
  6. VideoStream – this app plays everything, basically being the VLC of Chromecast. You just need to install the app and it will let you play anything on your TV from your phone or computer. Yes, you can grab the VideoStream remote player from Play Store and control everything from your Android.
  7. BubbleUPnP – this app will create a bridge between different devices and let you stream things from different platforms, devices and servers. The app will transcode videos that are incompatible with the Chromecast in order to make it possible to stream them. It also has an amazing queuing system which you can use to create a playlist of videos you want to stream one after another.
  8. Plex – A personal multimedia app, Plex helps stream videos, music, photos and home movies to your Android from any computer running Plex Media Server. It also lets you sync media from your phone, as well as Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storage platforms.

Music Streaming

  1. Spotify – the app support was added in 2015 for Chromecast. The app lets you enjoy your favorite music streaming on your TV. You can choose from more than 30 million songs. And, the app has a strong intuitive user interface.
  2. Pandora – now, most of us know Pandora as a streaming radio app. But its Chromecast support means you can stream up to 100 radios on your TV for free.
  3. Deezer – you can keep it as a second option to spotify. It is great for those music aficionados who are into rarities and live albums. The library has around 40 million songs (more than Spotify – 30 million)
  4. iHeartRadio – You can literally choose from thousands of radio stations on this app. Just tune in and start listening to your favorite music. For free. The app lets you create customized stations based on your favorite music and even lets you tune into live radio as well as rare live events.

Games for Chromecast

  1. Big Web Quiz – the game developed in Google’s in house Creative Lab lets you connect to Chromecast as perfectly as anything can. The game is a quiz, with you and your four friends basically trying to answer trivia questions faster than the other. As the game is live, all players play on their Androids, while their answers and questions are live on the TV as the scoreboard.
  2. Just Dance Now – get your dancing shoes on while trying this Ubisoft gem. Hold your phone tightly and get dancing. You will be evaluated for your performance in the end however, making it one of the most things to do (it allows multiplayer mode as well)
  3. GamingCast – you can try the classic games on GamingCast for $1.99. Xonix, Snake, Pong or Tetris are all available for you to try out on your TV screen.
  4. CastPad for Chromecast – This might be the best sketching app available for Chromecast, however bad news being the development of the app seems a hundred percent down. The app lets you sketch, doodle, paint, pretty much anything on a giant canvas that is your TV screen.
  5. Pocket Casts – being one of the highest-rated apps on Android, Pocket Casts lets you stream, download and then create a playlist of all your favorite podcasts. The app lets audio as well as video stream freely.

Free Streaming Apps

  1. Crackle – given that not everyone might be into paid streaming services, apps like Crackle are a boon. It has a huge selection of movies from the past to watch for free, making the nostalgia trip worth it.
  2. Vevo – this app will keep you up to date with all the new videos releasing of your favorite music artists. The app does not only let you watch music videos but also exclusive videos and live show recordings for free.
  3. BBC iPlayer – this is one of the best apps a UK resident can use with Chromecast. You can watch live TV, and stream the latest programs from BBC. The only downside being the app is geo restricted.

Other Chromecast Apps

  1. MyCastScreen – as one can easily vast their own pictures as background to the Chromecast, MyCastScreen lets one cast cards with information like time, date, weather and even news to the Chromecast background.
  2. Dayframe – you can go through your favorite social media posts and cast them to your television using this app. Connect to endless social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter and cast your life to your TV.
  3. Cast Store – this app is the ultimate app on this list. You can find here a list of all Chromecast apps together, categorized under little headers, making sure you can find what you are looking for at one place.

Let us know how you find our list in comments. If there is some app you think should be here, which has enhanced your Chromecast experience, let us know below.