Live Sports Streaming DAZN Launches Canada NFL and NFL Redzone


People, be ready for some amazing sessions of live streamed Football matches. The ambitious streaming service DAZN (they stream sports) is all ready to enter Canada, and they bring with them a hot new deal with NFL. That means DAZN basically will be the exclusive streamers of NFL games in Canada. DAZN would provide access to NFL Game Pass as well as NFL RedZone, something which Canadians had to rely on their cable providers to access.

DAZN which is a company of Perform Group (from UK) is in fact an ambitious project to become the best streaming services used to watch sports all over the world. You can say it is something like Netflix, just with sports. The service started from the usual suspects in Europe – Germany, Switzerland and Austria – covering football (the European one, not NFL) and American specials as well as La Liga, Premier League, NBA and of course, NFL. The service started in mid 2016 and has already entered faraway lands like Japan and now Canada. This fairly means the end of watching sports as we know it of now.

Did we mention DAZN is in fact pronounced as Da Zone? It will provide watchers every thing that NFL has to offer, from pre season games to regular season one’s, the playoffs as well as Super Bowl. You can subscribe to the service at 20 dollars for a month – or opt for the better yearly deal which will cost you a mere $150. We leave it on you, but you have to try out DAZN once which will not limit you to your TV. You can opt for the first month free trial. It is no surprise that you would be able to use your Android devices – smartphones, tablets, TVs, as well as your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Smart TVs to access DAZN. All you would may be need is Google Play Store and you are good to go.

As the trend of streaming services is on the rise, studies have shown high numbers of people ditching cable TVs altogether. The trend of “cord cutting”, as it is known, is going to be a problem for broadcasters in Canada, as DAZN has been able to get exclusive digital broadcasting rights. This will ensure that no blackouts can happen if games are on cable TV. As some of you might know it is a departure from tradition which has caused other major streaming services quite a trouble. In North America, most games get blacked out while getting streamed digitally if the broadcasters have TV rights in that area. But this will not happen with DAZN given NFL has provided them the digital rights. It can come as a big blow to broadcasters who depend a lot on live sport games getting them big time profits.

DAZN CEO James Rushton has express his and company’s excitement for their Canada plans. It can be noted that this would be the first time of the Europe based streaming service in North America. The CEO further stated that the company is aware about Canadian’s love for sports and their costly experience with it (referring to cable TV services).

The CEO was quick to mention his confidence about the product and proposition DAZN will be offering in Canada. The CEO was quick to mention his confidence about the product and proposition DAZN will be offering in Canada. However the company has yet not given out any detail about the package other than the costing. Even the Managing Director Alex Rice expressed his belief in the product and mentioned how NFL was a great place to start with given the Canadian way of life. He too declined any further probing in the matter as to what exactly would be offered to the subscribers in the packages.

We can surely say that DAZN would be streaming live games as well as the feature of enjoying replays. But any other features or the exact content of packages are not out in the open as of now. As we discussed above more and more people are not opting for streaming services for everything – from movies to TV series to News to now even Sports. It is surely a largely unexplored field but now is the time to check where exactly the customers want to go. And as far as DAZN’s glorious entry in the market is concerned, it seems to be making all the right moves. After all what better way to get people hooked to your services than offer them live NFL matches. Let us know what you think about DAZN and other streaming platforms in the comments below.