Now Instagram Gets Threads For Individual Comments

Do you love pictures? If you do, we bet you are already on Instagram or are planning to get there very soon. The social media app which is a huge picture sharing platform basically, is one of the best options for budding artists and art connoisseurs. The app however has faced its own share of flak after it had been reported as one of the foremost apps for causing troubles for teenagers’ mental health and sense of self worth. The app which was launched as an iOS only app in 2010, is now working on Android and Windows platforms as well. After getting acquired by Facebook, the app has undergone several changes, and its popularity has increased manifold. One of such changes were announced by the company in past some days.

The app now is going to have thread system which will let commenters on different posts communicate to each other properly and easily. The feature which is something Facebookers are well familiar with, had till now been absent from Instagram where you could comment by tagging someone, but could not reply to their comment in the same thread, and had to again tag them and comment – which was a bit confusing as it did not have the continuity of a conversation.

The company announced that this new feature is going to be enabled for the iOS app first along with the desktop version. On the other hand, users which visit Instagram on their Android phones, can expect this feature to be live in next some weeks. As we discussed earlier this feature is something very commonplace in Facebook, where people usually comment to the person they are talking to just below their comment, making it a thread like structure, which makes it extremely efficient as well as easy to keep a track of the conversation. It reduces confusion amongst users where they usually are confounded if a certain comment is in reply to them or someone else. If you are using an Instagram version above 24, your app will have this feature rolled in now.

Instagram Threads

The feature is also simple to use. Every comment that you do on a post, now will show a reply button with it, which someone else can click on to reply to your comment. This feature will store these two comments together, one above the another. What’s more – this reply feature will make sure that if you get a direct comment in response to your earlier one, it will be shown in your activity feed, which will make you aware about whatever someone else is saying to you.

The users earlier had to do this commenting thing by mentioning people in their comments, which was surely a lengthy and annoying process as we mentioned above. Good news is that you can continue using commenting feature like this till you get the hang of the reply feature. However, the company has not yet stated if or not this tagging in comments tradition will also nest comments together or not.

You may have noticed this practice of having comments come together for a conversation on other platforms as well. It is a rather useful way of getting conversations going on internet without causing confusion. The feature is extremely useful when people are busy discussing their thoughts or views about certain content that has been shared or posted. This feature has actually followed another feature which allows Instagram users to have pictures as well as videos posted in form of comments in response to an Instagram story.

Thus, by combining these two features, users can now have meaningful and long conversations and comment threads about posts, something which is very common and prevalent on Facebook. Instagram also is going to get harder on people who are abusive and post toxic comments as well as spam other users – something which Facebook again has been doing for some time now.

Let us know in comments below if you have gotten the Instagram update and are enjoying this new Thread Comments feature.