Plex live TV On Android First

We have talked about Plex and its awesomeness in the past as well, but it has increased double fold now as now Plex has something we all have been craving for surely – Live TV. We are sure that you have been watching TV content using Plex DVR and recording over the air, but that all can end now. Simply switch to Plex and enjoy watching Live TV the way you have been doing all these years. The benefits are many, and shortcomings none. You can enjoy the channels without subscribing to your cable TV or having any digital TV services.

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Plex Live TV and DVR are the way to go for many to enjoy content from all over the world easily on their smartphones and smart TVs without having to pay the hefty sums cable TV demands. All you need is a Plex Pass and you are all set to go. Plex Live TV and DVR can be accessed for free by Plex Pass holders. You just need to invest one time in an antenna and a digital tuner. These will help you get a huge variety and range to choose from and you can continue with watching your live broadcast without any lags.  We think you would be aware about the NVIDIA Shield TV which lets the user use HDHomeRun which also is kind of a similar concept. The only difference being is the platform used, here it is Plex, there NVIDIA Shield TV.


As mentioned above to watch Live TV on Plex, one would need Plex Pass, but there is no extra cost if you already have subscribed to Plex. The feature is also very similar to Plex DVR. You would find a similar user interface and the way to browse and organize content is almost the same. The watching part has been made simpler than the traditional TV given the absence of a guide. You may also browse categories named Sports, Movies (which is very common in fact), and you can check out whatever is live as well as the coming up content.

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Plex offers its metadata functionality here as well making everything an incredible experience. You can access all the information on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes as well as the artworks. The best thing is you can now use Plex DVR without having the web app to mediate. This makes it possible for you to watch and record your favorite tv shows at one place. The experience is visually and utility wise world class in the end.


You get almost all these options on the client apps as well. There are recording features available as well as getting links for seasons. You would also be recommended further content on the basis of your consumption and recording in the past. We are hopeful that as time passes Plex will move the recommendations part to its home screen only. However, right now the whole package is pretty basic with standard features. It is chic and does not fall short on anything and we are waiting for new updates obviously.


Although if you do not have Shield, do not despair. Chromecast support is on the cards and soon you would be sharing your Live TV using the Plex app from your Android device to your chromecast. We of course do not know exactly when it will happen, but don’t sweat. As soon as it does, we would let you know. The Android users are in for a treat here as you can check out which tuners Plex Live TV is supporting right now and which it will in nearby future.


It goes without saying that you can use Android TV boxes in so many ways. However Plex has an upper hand because it not only offers live TV bir also let’s you manage all your media at one place. Which brings us to the original point – the cost involved. And we think Plex is amazing given that you just have shell out 40 dollars a year or better 120 bucks for a lifetime subscription of Plex Pass. And there are a lot of things you can do with this Pass, which makes it every penny worth the price tag. Come on. Your Plex pass is going to give you the best of both worlds and it does not even cost much – what could be a better deal than this?!

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