Quick Android 8.0 Oreo Review

The new update to the Android software is out for quite a few phones and so far, the update has worked well. There are some bugs that come with the new update traditionally, and Bluetooth is always one of them. This time is no different, and you can expect the feature to be out of action for the next few minor updates.

Meanwhile, battery life does not have a clear verdict yet as some users have reported an improvement while others say that their battery life has reduced drastically after they installed their update. One thing that has worked for some users is that if you restart your phone after installing the updates, you might get back your battery life. On the whole, the bugs are a part of any major software update release and such glitches are expected.

Android Oreo

Android 8.0 Oreo

There are other glitches related to the interface that you might face if you have installed the update. For example, you may not be able to view any picture-in-picture windows for some time and notification dots are not appearing anymore and what is more, you end up getting blank spaces in the notification shade. You can get rid of these glitches by merely restarting your phone but this is not common knowledge yet.


Besides these, the Android Oreo actually has little other bugs to report and this is uncommon for a huge software update like itself. The network setting are actually working well and the volume has not been affected on calls as well as the Wi-Fi stays connected and does not drop out, unlike previous software updates. The Google Daydream has belied expectations and has actually worked very well on the Android Oreo, and the Android update has brought to the user one of the best features that we have seen in recent time – the Notifications Channel.


The notifications channel lets you prioritize what you want to see in an app and lets you shut out the useless stuff that you do not want to see. This is especially useful for social media apps such as Twitter and Facebook and keeps you away from stuff that might distract you unnecessarily. While the picture in picture and icon badges might be great features that come with the Oreo update, the Notifications Channel may be the best thing about the Oreo update.

Android 8.0 Oreo

Android 8.0 Oreo

The update for Oreo may be well developed and executed but making the update available to all users will be a problem. The update will be available for Pixel and Nexus phones currently, and third party providers will only roll out the updates six months from now, and everyone else will only be able to avail the update if they switch to a different handset.

This might be the biggest pitfall to the Android ecosystem – they can not make the updates available to all their users quickly. Google has not taken matters in its own hands with the technical change to the Android software that should help bring updates much faster to the users. The project is called Project Treble and helps by modularizing the Android OS software so that the code is not dependent anymore on the drivers and hardware of the phone anymore. The amount of work required to make an update available on an Android phone is too much right now and the goal is to reduce it to the basic minimum so that updating is easy and hence faster.

What Project Treble will accomplish is that the market will now work more like the usual PC market, where you can have multiple OS versions being compatible with any given device. This kind of flexibility is something that Google has been looking to implement for a long time now, and it remains to be seen how far this effort will go in making the updates available to the non-Nexus/Pixel users of the Android software.

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