Some Amazing Latest Features on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most essential messaging services that an Android carries, and the latest updates have added certain new features that make the app more stable and improve functionality by bounds. The new updates can be downloaded via an APK file which we will talk about in this article, as well as discuss at length what new features have been as part of the upgrade.

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How To Update Whatsapp


Play Store

The easiest way to update your WhatsApp is by doing it from the Play Store that supplies them automatically to you. You can ensure that the updates are not waiting by pressing on the three lines in the top left to open the menu, and then tapping on My Apps and Games, where you can check if the app is listed for an impending update.

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WhatsApp Beta on the PlayStore

If you want the latest WhatsApp version, you can sign up through the Play Store here so you will get all the new upgrades before it actually comes out in the market.


WhatsApp APK

To download and install the WhatsApp upgrade manually, you can download the latest version on the WhatsApp update download webpage, or download the APK through APK Mirror, that has the latest version including the beta upgrades.


How To Install WhatsApp APK

To install APK, go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and then make sure the toggle is switched on. Press on the downloaded APK file and then go on to follow the installation guide, which should be easy. In case of error with using the APK, all you have to do is download and install an older version of WhatsApp which will remove all the bugs you encounter.



What is New in WhatsApp:


Night Mode For WhatsApp camera

WhatsApp rather simple in-app camera is getting a major upgrade with the night mode being added to help better pictures in the dark. The upgrade has already appeared in the iOS version of the app, and a similar upgrade is expected soon for the Android phones. A half moon has been added to the camera, and you can tap it to turn it on – it goes yellow. The night mode also appears automatically when there is less light.


Send Any File Type

You could send a limited types of files previously, including images, videos, PDFs and presentations, but not much else. This is set to change, and WhatsApp has made it possible to send over any file type over the messenger, such as APK or PSD. There is a limit on the size though – iOS users get a maximum of 128 MB, while Android users get 100 MB. WhatsApp web users get only 64 MB. This measure has been put in place to avoid overloading the servers apparently.


Pin Conversations

You can now pin conversations with people who you talk to frequently to avoid missing messages if you do get a lot of messages, this is possible for both group and classic conversations. To do this, you only have to go the message list, and long press on the conversation you are trying to pin. Then, press the pin symbol that appears next to it, and you are done. The drawback is that you can only pin three conversations, which may not be enough if you have more than three friends.

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New Emojis

This update also lets you to see new emoticons, including clown or a “facepalm”. Older emoji have also been improved.



Delete and Edit WhatsApp Messages

You can now delete and edit messages sent over, provided they have not been seen by the receiver. You can also share your GPS location with the other person. All these features are hidden in the beta version and require root access and a special procedure to activate.

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Make Gifs On WhatsApp

You can convert video footage to gifs within WhatsApp by picking or saving a new video and then using the paperclip icon to attach it to a conversation. Then, trim the footage and tap the camcorder icon on the top right and then it will convert to a GIF and you can send to your friends.

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