Suntory Winery: A Timeless Journey Through Japanese Viniculture


Embark on a captivating voyage through time as we unveil the enchanting tale of Suntory Winery, an esteemed Japanese establishment founded in the year 1923. Nestled within the revered Yamanashi prefecture, a picturesque realm just west of Tokyo, this winery has blossomed into a veritable haven of vinicultural prowess. Revered for their artistry in transforming the finest Japanese grapes into a symphony of wines, Suntory Winery has etched an indelible mark on the global panorama of oenophilic delights. From the emblematic Koshu wines that grace their repertoire to a symphony of international expressions, Suntory Winery’s unyielding commitment to excellence and homage to tradition propels it as a vanguard in the resplendent tapestry of Japanese viniculture.

A Kaleidoscope of Wine Varieties: The Dazzling Canvas Painted by Suntory Winery

Should the tendrils of your palate yearn for the poetry of wines, then the resonant echoes of Suntory Winery are no stranger to your ears. A creation of Shinjiro Torii in 1923, this venerable institution stands as a paragon of Japan’s vinous heritage. An orchestration of whisky and spirits has been harmoniously accompanied by a chorus of uniquely enticing wines. Join us on an expedition as we cast our gaze upon the myriad shades of wines birthed by the hands of Suntory Winery. Get your wine today at

Among the opulent compositions, a white symphony named Koshu graces our senses. Woven from the indigenous tapestry of Japanese grapes, such as the Muscat Bailey A or the ethereal Yamanashi Koshu, this elixir bestows an unparalleled experience. Its notes dance with florid elegance, a composition that can enrapture solitary contemplation or elevate the mundane into a grand gastronomic spectacle. Enter the realms of Katsunuma Jyozo, where the fragrances of apricot and pineapple intermingle, serenading the senses with an embrace of sweetness that lingers upon the palate, akin to an enduring sonnet.

For the devotees of crimson nectar, Suntory Winery unfurls an offering that stirs the heart. The resplendent tapestry of red wines unfolds with grandeur, headlined by the opulent fusion baptized as “Otokoyama.” The very essence of Merlot grapes embarks on a pas de deux with Japanese varieties, such as Chardonnay, birthing an opulent red concerto that traverses the spectrum of flavors, from the regal plum to the vibrant raspberry.

Laurels Adorned: A Celestial Canopy of Awards for Suntory Winery

Erected in the annals of time in 1923, Suntory Winery emanates a resonance that transcends borders. It is not merely an oasis for wines but a sanctuary that has garnered a plethora of accolades, adorning its legacy like constellations studying the firmament. The elixirs of Suntory have conquered hearts, both near and afar, and the world has paid homage to their symphony of flavors.

Venture back to the year 2020, when the International Wine Challenge in London bore witness to the coronation of Suntory’s brilliance. The 2016 Chardonnay and the 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve adorned their mantelpiece with gleaming gold medals, a tribute to their mastery. A spectacular ascent unfurled, positioning Suntory second amongst the Japanese vintners on this global stage. Not to be outdone, the 2017 Pinot Noir Reserve was anointed the “Best Red Wine from Japan” at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London, akin to a laurel wreath gracing the brow of an illustrious victor.

A year prior, in 2019, the Tokyo International Wine Challenge offered its ovation, casting golden raindrops upon Suntory’s brilliance. The 2016 Chardonnay Reserve and the 2018 Shiraz Reserve emerged bedecked with gold medals, their radiance unsurpassed. In this symphony of victories, the 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve found solace in a silver tribute. A trinity of gold medals adorned Suntory’s legacy, an accolade bestowed with profound reverence.

A Sojourn of Sensations: Revelations Unveiled at Suntory’s Tours and Tastings

In the realm of experiential delights, the Suntory Winery emerges as a resplendent gem, beckoning connoisseurs and novices alike to bask in its radiance. Venture to the heart of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, and traverse the corridors of this vinous haven, where the transformation of grape to goblet unfolds as an enthralling odyssey.

Two narratives unfurl within this epic saga – The Standard Tour and The Premium Tour. The former ushers guests into the sanctum of winemaking, unfurling its secrets with a flourish of introduction before embarking upon the chronicles of production. A crescendo culminates in a symphony of taste, where five wines await, each an embodiment of Suntory’s essence. Within this voyage, the curious are granted the liberty to unravel enigmas and seek answers that reside in the depths of vinous realms.

Meanwhile, the Premium Tour assumes an opulent mantle, elevating the quest for knowledge to new pinnacles. The intricate weave of grape varieties, the alchemy of aging, and the nuances of winemaking are unfurled in lavish detail. The pinnacle of this opulent crescendo lies in a tasting session that crowns the narrative with seven wines, each a brushstroke upon the canvas of oenophilic delight. These tours, guided by luminous souls, breathe life into the art of vinification, where education dances with entertainment, crafting a narrative both captivating and enlightening.

As our voyage through the resplendent narrative of Suntory Winery draws to an exquisite conclusion, let us embrace the symphony woven by its legacy. A sanctuary that beckons with a triumvirate of perfection – an ideal locale, facilities steeped in state-of-the-art wizardry, and custodians of knowledge who tread the realms of expertise.

Here, the heart’s yearnings for the quintessence of Japanese wines find solace. Amidst the splendor of location, the poetry of craftsmanship, and the embrace of erudition, Suntory Winery offers an embrace for every seeker. Whether the quest is for the special cradle of celebration or the pursuit of untrodden flavors, the hallowed precincts of Suntory Winery stand as a sanctuary that shall unfailingly satiate the thirst for vinous opulence. A canvas painted with intricacy, the symphony of Suntory Winery resonates as an ode to connoisseurship, an eternal serenade that shall eternally linger upon the senses, an exalted revelation that shall linger as an indelible imprint in the tapestry of memories.