Switching From iPhone To Android Without Losing Data and Mind

Well, who knows fandoms better than us tech geeks? Some of us ship our beloved Androids and the rest want nothing more than an Apple in life. It is another level of rivalry at play here which goes deeper than even Harry Potter-Twilight wars or Federer-Nadal faceoffs. Both teams have their loyalists and it is pretty difficult to reach a conclusion here as to who wins. However as it happens with all fans, many of them keep changing their base to check out the other camp – and if you are one of them, making the switch, this article is for you.

The main concern people have while changing their operating platform is the new interface that a different OS brings with it, which basically means you have to learn the tricks of the trade from the scratch. Both the platforms are user friendly, but not entirely alike. In case, you are going to Android from iOS, you would find it very comforting that many of the Google based apps, you were most probably using on your Apple device, are going to be there on your Android too. This means that transition of data shall not be that big a headache for these apps. You would thus have to get your head around the new interface, and you’d be good to go. Read on to know how you can switch from iPhone to Android without compromising your data or your comfort much –

Transferring Contacts via Gmail

Most Android smartphones need you to set up your Gmail account the first thing when you switch them on for the first time. In case, you have one already, you can just log in. If you do not, however, you would have to create a new one. The Google account will not only help you with the mailing but also as a primary account to sign into many features and services like Play Store.

In case, you already have a Google account and you were using it on your iPhone as well, get your contacts synced in with the account on your previous phone. Once you do that, and log into your new Android using the same Google account, all the synced contacts will appear automatically on your new phone. You may also use iCloud to transfer these contacts. Simply export them as vCard and then export them to your Google account which is logged into your Android. You can even use iTunes to sync your contacts, but we think the first two will do the trick for you.

However, if you find none of the above tricks work out for you, simply use your SIM Card to export your contact. You can also try out third party apps like Copy My Data or SHARE it. Google Drive on iOS also will let you sync your contacts, photos and calendar online. This will take a little more time the first time you take backup, but whenever you buy a new Android, the transfer of data would become smooth. You can also sync your other mailing accounts on platforms like Yahoo and Outlook on your new Android in the Email app.

Backing Up Pictures via Google Photos

You can make the transfer of pictures real easy using Google Photos. Just download the app on iOS and sign in with the same Google account you are using on your Android. Backup and sync your data, Thus whenever you use Google Photos on Android, all your Apple photographs would be accessible there as well. You can also however use other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive or Send Anywhere.
Syncing Playlists

We would suggest you to use either cloud or iTunes to transfer your music files on Google Play Music. Once your songs are synced in, you can access from a browser or other Android devices. To do this, you would have to first of all make your Apple device sync with iTunes and then get Google Play Music on your PC. You can then use it to upload your music to cloud. You can also use Spotify or Amazon Prime Music to import your collection. We will also ask you to have all your data regularly backed up so transfers are easier always.

Replacing iMessage

You can say your adios to iMessage as you would have to find its replacement on your Android. Make sure your Apple device however is turned off so your messages do not get redirected there. You can also request to Apple to delete your phone number from their iMessage service.

As far as the alternatives are concerned, you may try out Pushbullet. The app will let you text from your Android phone, tablet or PC if you are online. You can also share web pages between your devices using this app. WhatsApp and Google Hangouts are other options available for you, both of which depend on an internet connection.

Putting Your Old iPhone to Use

Make sure that all your personal data has been either erased from your iPhone or transferred (as in whatever you need), you may also reset your Apple device to factory settings. Then, you can either sell it off online for cash or kind, get them recycled, donate or trade for newer versions. You can also have these old phones work as only GPS devices, or have your kids play games on them.

Using Android

Both the platforms are different but easy to learn. However the transition can be a bit frustrating given the different interfaces. The one thing an avid iPhone user would have to get used to while getting to Android is the Back button and the All Apps button. You might find the excess of buttons on Android a bit confusing at first, but time will make it alright. Android is amazing given the level of customization available. Play around your device and get to know it better, which will make using it a dream. Let us know in the comments below what are the usual suspects when it comes to jumping off the iPhone bandwagon to the Android one.