Take Advantage of These Delivery Specials At Papa Johns


There are many great things about Papa Johns, and one of them is that it delivers hot and delicious food to wherever you are. Another awesome thing is that there are many ways that you can save money. When searching for delivery pizza near me, do some investigating to see what specials you can take advantage of.

Create-Your-Own Special

Feeding a number of people can be stressful, not to mention expensive. However, when you use family pizza discounts, there is nothing to worry about. The Papa Pairings menu is perfect when feeding people with different cravings, as there are many different things from which to choose. Each item on the menu is also only $6.99 each when you order two or more. It is the perfect way to order for a crowd or just try a couple new things while on your lunch break.

One of the menu options is a medium 1-topping pizza, which is served on original crust. Choose the topping from one of the many meat and veggie offerings. Feel free to pair your pizza with an order of boneless or traditional wings. Or perhaps add a side, such as cheesesticks, breadsticks, or garlic knots.

Papadias are another popular Papa Pairings option. These sandwiches are filled with delicious combinations, although you can also create your own. The meatball pepperoni Papadia contains meatballs, pepperoni, pizza sauce, and cheese. The Italian option contains Italian sausage, banana peppers, salami, cheese and Alfredo sauce. Additional options include:

  • BBQ chicken and bacon: bacon, grilled chicken, cheese, onions, and BBQ sauce
  • Grilled buffalo chicken: buffalo sauce, onions, grilled chicken, cheese, and ranch
  • Philly cheesesteak: onions, green peppers, steak, Philly sauce, and cheese

If you prefer a little more flavor on your Papadia, order it with a parmesan crust. Each sandwich also comes with its own dipping sauce.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Whether you are adding them to your create-your-own special, or you want to round out your delivery order, Papa Johns has a few tasty options for dessert. The chocolate chip cookie is served warm and is a classic addition. The double chocolate chip brownie is fudgy and decadent. Oreo fans love the Oreo Cookie Papa Bites, which are served with a cream cheese dipping sauce. Not a chocolate fan? The cinnamon pull aparts are perfect for you.

Where To Find Delivery Specials

The Papa Pairings special is just one of the discounts available. You can always find pizza coupons and other specials at your local Papa Johns: Give it a call or go to the website. Another way to take advantage of delivery specials is to download the mobile app, as you get app-only discounts. You can also sign up to receive special offers via your email.

It is beneficial to join the free loyalty program, Papa Rewards. You earn points for every order, and once you have 75 points, you get $10, which you can put towards any item you would like. Between earning Papa Dough and all the specials available, ordering from Papa Johns is easy on the wallet.