When it comes to web DESIGN, knowing the fundamentals is critical. These three fundamental steps demystify the process and lay the groundwork for a successful online presence. Let’s look at the key components of web DESIGN and how they affect website accessibility and performance.


Choosing a domain name is critical for your online identity. To get a good name for your website, you should set up an Internet address, also known as registering a domain name. You can choose from a variety of domain extensions with Cebu Web Solutions web hosting plans. Choose one that accurately describes the main content of your website. A well-crafted word combination that is easy to remember and spell will increase the value of your online presence and assist you in maintaining a good ranking in all search engines. A


There are many types of web hosting, let us see some.


These are low-cost virtual server web hosting deals for advanced users who want to manage their own private server but are not yet ready to transition to a dedicated hosting solution due to the high maintenance costs. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are primarily based on cutting-edge virtualization technology, which allows each VPS user to be completely independent of the others on the same machine. This one-of-a-kind technology provides you with ample RAM memory, CPU, and network resources to use at any time.


Your online desires have grown to the point where a standard shared hosting service is no longer a good fit. Your websites generate so much traffic and are so densely packed with running applications and programs that even the most generously packed web hosting plan can’t keep up. Your diagnosis then is – ‘in need of a semi-dedicated hosting solution’. using low-cost semi-dedicated hosting plans designed to meet your increased demands for basic server resources, allowing you to expand your web presence while maintaining your competitiveness.


This is another cost-effective dedicated hosting server packages designed to meet your ever-increasing web presence requirements. You will have complete control over an entire server machine, complete with powerful hardware configuration, powerful operational parameters, and stable network characteristics. Your server comes with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and is free to set up.


Users who visit your website will be able to do so in a secure environment via an encrypted connection thanks to the SSL certificate. This service is required for all online stores that handle monetary transactions. A wildcard SSL certificate can be used for multiple subdomains on the same domain. SSL certificates are available for purchase on an annual basis for a maximum of 5 years. out there you can get provider offering wildcard certs at a low cost. The longer you keep your SSL Certificates contract; the more money you save.

Once you’ve signed up for any Web Hosting Package, you can purchase SSL certificates from your reliable provider and protect your investment