Three Ways You Can Delete Apps From Your Android Device

We all have been through those days when our phones just would not download another image or app cause the device was “out of storage space”. And, then it starts – the continuous deletion of apps (along with images, videos, music, what not) to free up space on our phones. Usually one can figure out how to delete an app pretty easily on a device, but varying devices and User Interfaces may sometimes make it confusing for a user to find the way around deleting apps from the Android. Therefore, we are going to tell you three main ways you may opt for to delete apps from your Android.

Here are three Ways you can delete Apps from your Android:

Deleting Apps From Settings Menu

You can go down this road on all the editions of Android. For this, you would need to open the Settings of your Android from App Drawer. From the menu opened, click on “Apps”. A list of applications present in your device will open up, you may select the app that can be deleted, and proceed to remove from your device thus. Doing so will initiate the uninstalling process, which will be over in a few seconds. However, some apps which are heavier in size, may take up more time. Once you are done, go back to the list of applications and repeat the process if you want to (or more like, need to) remove some other apps as well to open up more space.

Here are the details of deleting the app stepwise:
-> Go to the Settings on your Android.
-> In the Settings menu, scroll down, and click on Apps.
-> A list will open, tap on the app you may want to delete.
-> Select Uninstall.

Delete Apps

Uninstall Apps


Deleting Apps From Google Play Store

You may also directly head to the Play Store to delete an app. Click on the Play Store app icon that’d be present in the App Drawer or Home Screen of your Android. From the left hand side menu, that you would need to swipe to the centre of screen to open, select My Apps & Games. You will find the section named Installed – click on it. From the list of apps on your device, scroll and choose the app you want to remove. Click on it and Uninstall. The app will be removed in a few seconds from your Android. You may stay there and select other apps that you want to remove from your Device simply by going through the apps present in the Installed section.

Here are the details of deleting the app stepwise:
-> Launch the Play Store app from your Android.
-> Click on the three bar menu on the left hand side of your screen.
-> Tap My Apps & Games from the list opened.
-> Find the section named Installed. Go through the list of apps that are installed in your device. Select the app that needs to be deleted.
-> Click Uninstall.

Delete Apps

Uninstall Apps


Deleting Apps From App Drawer

You may find it to be the most suitable, direct and quick ways to remove an app from your Android. Click on the App Drawer button that you would find above the Home button on your Android. Now, select an app you want to remove. Click on the app, and long press it – drag and drop it to the section named Uninstall on the upper right hand side of your device. A pop up will open asking you about uninstalling the app, and you would have to select OK. You can use this method to remove apps from Home screen as well.

Here are the details of deleting the app stepwise:
-> Open App Drawer, select an app that needs to be removed. Click on it and long press.
-> Now, drag the app and drop it on Uninstall located on the upper right side of the screen.
-> A pop up will open – click on OK and uninstallation is done.

Delete apps on android

App Drawer


 Deleting Apps From Amazon’s Fire Devices

Usually most Android devices will get rid of the apps by following the above three ways, but Amazon Fire Devices might be a hassle here. You might have to follow a different, but easy, approach while deleting apps from Amazon Fire Devices, which is as follows:
-> Select Apps from your Home Screen.
-> From the Menu opened, click Device.
-> A list of all the apps present on the device will open. Select the app you want to remove, long press and click on Remove From Device.


Deleting Pre-Installed Apps From Android

There are a bunch of apps that come installed already with the newly bought Android devices. You may find a standard pack of Google apps like Gmail, Drive, Photos, You Tube etc. here. But some of these apps might be such that your manufacturer has developed and you have no intent of using them. It is possible to uninstall some of these apps by following the options listed above, however you may find that some of them can not. Such apps are in fact system apps which can only be removed by rooting an Android.

Now rooting basically is the act of getting access to all the commands, folder locations and system files that shall be other wise off bounds for the user. The process can be understood as that of becoming an administrator of the device with increased freedom as well as risk. You should note that rooting your device can cause harm to your Android and you would not even be able to claim the warranty by the manufacturer then.

In such a case, a simple and less riskier option is to hide the apps you do not need. It will help you manage your device and apps on it in a better manner.


Please note that if you have bought an app from Play Store, and proceed to delete it, that would not affect the fact that you have bought the app – in simpler terms, you may download it any time, and continue using it (obviously in the valid period of usage only). Thus, deleting apps from an Android can be an easy and quick process giving way to freed up space, which can be used for other more productive tasks. Let us know if you have any questions about deleting the apps from your phone below.

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