Tips And Tricks For The Facebook App On Android

Facebook just crossed the 2 billion users mark, and its app for phones is one of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store. However, there are features of the Android app that are rarely used, and here is a small description of the easiest hacks, including Find Wi-Fi. This will help sort through your feed and content better and make your account more secure on your phone, which includes the ability to share status updates more easily.

Manage Notifications

The most common complaint against the Facebook app is the amount of unnecessary notifications that you receive that distracts you by forcing you to open the app again and again. Thankfully, you can now disable most of these pesky notifications by heading over to App settings > Notification settings and then turning off notifications for wall posts, comments, friend requests, photo tags, event invites and more.

Find Interesting Places Near You

You can now use the Places Near You option to find places that are in proximity to you that have their own Facebook page. The Android phone lets you use your location better to supply you with this information, and this is not possible on the desktop version. This is a smart way to discover restaurants, bars and other places when you are travelling, and you can tap on the Facebook page for photos and information.

Filter Your Feed

The standard news feed is not longer the standard now, and your Facebook app gives you access to customised lists that you can reach from the main menu.  If you want to send or transfer anyone from one list to another list all you need to do is to go to their profile and click on Friends option and then edit friend list option. And if you need to remove or add new lists you can do it through desktop.

Share From Other Apps

This is one of the greatest strengths of Android, and you can share stories, pictures and articles that you get on one app by simple tapping on the Share button, and Facebook will appear as one of the options. This great feature lets you post status updates with the full range of options without having to go to Facebook itself to post them.

Stop Videos from Autoplaying

This is a very useful option that lets you turn autoplay on Facebook videos on or off, or only on Wi-Fi. This is a very useful way to save data when you are on a limited internet pack or are travelling, and given the popularity of videos on the social media site, will help you control your feed better.

Save Videos and Links For Later

This is another useful addition to the Facebook feed, especially considering the maddening feed most people have these days. You can tap on the drop down arrow next to the post and can save the content (photo, video) to come back to later. The content which you bookmarked are stored or saved under the saved heading which is on the main app menu so you can read it later.

Check Your Account Security

You can now secure your account from your phone by heading to Account Settings, Security and Active Sessions where you can see all the places and devices that your device has been logged on to. You can tap on the cross next to a logged in device if you are not sure that it was you, this will log you out of the device.

Grab Your Favourite Friends

The list of friends online can be accessed by clicking on the portrait icon which is on the top-right corner of your Facebook app. By selecting Edit you can bring the contacts you talk to most often to the top of that list, which will save you effort and makes things more efficient for you.

Locate Wi-Fi

Facebook has got the latest feature which helps people to locate the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot globally. This is to help people stay connected with communities, and is designed to help people who are travelling and in areas that have poor mobile network connectivity. Go to the Facebook app and tap on the More tab, where you will then find Find Wi-Fi. When the tab is open you need to turn it on and u will fins or see all the hotspots near to you are located on the map and also information on the places hosting the Wi-Fi.