Top 10 Best Android Cache Cleaners To Free Your Device Memory

We have all been there in a meeting when we needed to note an important number down and our pens just didn’t seem to work. Well, when phones came around, we took a sigh of relief and assumed that now nothing could help us from unbecoming our sloppy selves. But then we discovered our phones hanging at every other chance. Yes, I am talking about those annoying moments when you need your phone to work fast but clicking and opening any app takes so long that you feel like either banging your own head or your phone to the wall. Well, no more.

Your phone usually acts out when it has too much of what is called cache. Which is basically just imprints of your previous activities. This is temporary memory, but when you do not clear it time to time, it starts disrupting phone’s functioning cause well, your phone is indeed a device and needs some space to work. So next time, you feel sloppy for your phone betraying you in front of an important client, or your boss, well, remember that your cache needs to be cleared. For the same, we have selected and tested these ten cache cleaning apps which will do your work for you. Believe us, cleaning your cache will never be this easy for you ever, so try one of these apps and thank us later.


  1. Clean Master

    This app does not boast when it uses Master in its app. It is actually one of the best in this list which is also clear by its average rating of 4.7. Now, the app has over 39 million votes, which thus makes its rating real legit. The app can not only help you take care of Android’s unwanted app files and data, but it can also run checks, getting rid of apps and files that are making the functioning of your device lagged. The app also gives you freedom to delete all the items that it has detected as problematic for your system together or one by one. The app also can let you decide which apps you want to run in the background and help you with moving the apps to microSD card or uninstall, making it absolutely easy to clean the cache off your Android.

    Clean Junks from android

  2. Systweak Android Cleaner

    This is a free app that will help with your Android’s speed and functioning issues by cleaning out the cache. The app with its inbuilt Automatic Scanning feature goes through your files and data, and selects the one which are unnecessary holding up space and lets you decide to delete them or keep them by a simple tap. The app can even differentiate between duplicate files and keep the original ones, deleting the unnecessary versions. What is more? The app also saves you from Malware.

    Clear your android from unwanted data


  3. CCleaner

    CCleaner is infact an app providing cleaning services for your desktops and laptops, however now the famous service has app to help you clean up your Android device as well. The app makes your device work faster without hogging the battery or jamming the processor. It cleans up the device in typically a few seconds, making your device safer. Also, the app is free, and without any irritating advertising. So, go use CCleaner to clear your cache and free your Android of the junk that is bogging your device down.

    Clear your junk with Ccleaner

  4. App Cache Cleaner

    This app can let you steer clear of any memory or storage issue you might be facing very simply, and in the process also helps your device perform faster efficiently. You just have to long press any app to upload and back the app at cloud storage. You can thus uninstall apps you don’t need or don’t use. It can also filter the apps as per the cache being used by them, which helps you empty up space easily – by clearing more cache.

    Clear cache through App cache cleaner

  5. Simple System Monitor

    Along with the basic cache clearing function, this app also lets you explore the fields of CPU usage, network activity, RAM and others. You can also use the beta version and have access to live monitoring of the features. The app presents its data in form of graphs, showing functionality of Android and factors affecting it

    Clean your android by using Simple system monitor

  6. Wondershare MobileGo Cleaner & Optimizer

    This is a one – in – all app whose multiple feature list also boasts of cache cleaning – and it does it well. You can use this app to clean up your device of every unnecessary file and folder on your device, making the process easy and simple. The app can transfer your apps from your device to your PC, thus clearing up as much as 70% of your phone’s storage. The only downside of such kind of app is its consumption of the device battery, which also is being catered to by MobileGo, making sure the app does not drain off the device.

    Clean junk of android with wonder mobile go cleaner

  7. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

    This is again an all – in – one app, which will clean your cache, increase your charging speed and boost your device. The app has a privacy advisor, which also helps in keeping your Android safe. This is the one app you will never regret downloading if a better, safer and faster system is what you like.

    Clean junk and speed up your android

  8. Turbo Booster (Speed Up) (Free)

    The apps on this list might drain your device a bit faster than usual, but this gem of an app has in fact a battery saver. Yes, it will not only boost your Android by cleaning it up, it will also save your battery in doing so. The app also closes unnecessary background apps, saving on energy and efficiency. Not only this, the app also creates a list identifying apps you use the least, making it easy for you to decide which ones to keep and which one to delete.

    Boost up your android with Turbo booster


  9. 360 Security Lite

    This is the one app which takes up the least space on your device itself. Meant for devices with lesser than 1 GB device memory, the app itself is 7 MB. The app shall take care of your security needs as well as clean up the cache, unnecessary background apps and save on your battery.
    Secure android and clean it with 360 security lite


  10. The Cleaner-Speed Up & Clean

    This app is up again with a new design, boasting a dashboard to view memory and storage. You can now get recommendations of the cache to delete and/or the apps to close. The app also helps you with privacy, boosting game experience and make android perform better.

    Clean up fully your android device with the cleaner

For all the apps mentioned above, one or the other will suit your needs and preference the best. If not, let us know which apps you like in the comments. However, do remember cache is there so your apps work efficiently, and at times emptying cache will not do your device any good. Sometimes, you need to reboot your device, so be conscious with these solid apps and enjoy using the top ten apps to clear cache from your android device.

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