Top Five Android TV Apps of 2017

Android TV apps are one of the most important aspects of lives today, as most our entertainment depends on them. Now most difficult can be the decision of choosing one of the apps and downloading it, installing it and sometimes, paying the fee for it. The rule of thumb here is that there are actually some apps that are your go-to, that you should not absolutely live without, and we have come up with a list of that. Read on to know which are the five apps that are a must for your Android TV.



Surely, one of the most popular (and best) apps for video streaming out there, Netflix will let you stream TV shows, movies, documentaries all year round twenty four seven. Though you are required to have a Netflix subscription to enjoy unlimited video content, the first month is trial – absolutely free, after that you have three plans to choose from. It is basically going to cost you ten bucks every month, which seems almost worth it. And then, there are the amazing Netflix specials, which is content created in house – it makes Netflix not even popular but critically acclaimed too.

Netflix app, install netflix on android


PBS Kids

This is a great app for all the parents out there. It is like another toy for your preschool kid. The app has free programming and comes with the biggest hits with kids – Sesame Street, Wild Kratts and Curious George. It is an intuitive app, which is so simple and colorful that your kid would not even operate it himself/herself but love doing so. It has a range of videos created for educational purposes which inform kids and teach them different things. And of course, lot more are there to simply entertain a child.

pbs kids app, android bps kids app, install pbs kids app



Kodi is surely one of our favorite apps for TV boxes, it does not only work as a media player but can totally revolutionize your method to access videos, photographs and songs. It was designed as an open source media player and you can play content on any device. Kodi lets you bring all your media on one place and enjoy it. You can also use a remote to get around. It is one of the best apps out there for TV boxes and more over, it is completely free. So go wild and enjoy content stored locally or install Kodi AddOns and get new films and TV series to watch every day using apps like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

kodi app, kodi app on android, install kodi app


Plex Client

An organizational app again, Plex will let you store and organize all your media on your phone and elsewhere including photos, videos, music and other collection. It is one way to get everything that is scattered around your different devices at one place. The app is going to use your computer to share your media to other devices, and Plex will let you access all your files on any of your devices. It can act like a faux server using your computer as a media hub which lets it access to different media. Oh, and Plex also comes with some standard, built in functions like BBC, which will have you have instant access to different news.

plex app, plex app on android, install plex on android



It is one of the most popular apps which will let you stream as well as watch different video games. Moreover, you would be able to follow and watch all of your favorite content creators. In today’s age and time, the number of people cutting cord is increasing gradually, and many of them are opting to watch their favorite content creators or streamers over watching TV and other shows. In fact streaming your games while you play them is the next IT thing for people all around, and apps like Twitch let you do that.

twitch app, android twitch app, install twitch app

These five apps are the must haves if you have an Android TV box. These will help you access content – movies, TV shows, media on your phone and other devices – as well as stream games, and keep your kids happy and learning. Let us know in comments below which of these beauties you already have and love the most.

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