Top NFL Apps Available For Android

Football is one of the most beloved sports in the world and NFL has a following like none other. There are so many platforms around the league that is always ends up being in news for its fans. Given that it was extremely necessary that there be applications one could use to follow their favorite teams, get the latest news, watch the games and other such pretty basic stuff – it is no surprise that Android offers many options for those who want to be in the game. All the lovers of New York Football Giants are thus asked to give the following apps a trial. Let us know how you find our favorite apps in the comments below –

NFL Mobile

This app is your one stop point for everything – game highlights, updates, live coverages, facts, statistics, research and social media interaction. The app will eat into lots of your data and we would ask you to install it right way. However do make sure to use a WiFi while using it.

NFL Mobile APK

NFL Mobile APP


Best NFL Live Wallpaper Free

Whichever team you are on the side of, you can use their wallpaper and display it on your Android. Simply go through the list of all available NFL teams, choose which ever is your favorite team and get their wallpaper installed on your Android. What is best – the wallpapers come for free. Please remember that these live wallpapers however do eat into your device resources and can get you locked out of your device.

Best NFL Live Wallpaper Free APK

Best NFL Live Wallpaper Free App


Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

If you are into NFL and own a fantasy football team, you already would be knowing of Yahoo! Fantasy Football which is a popular option. The app lets you enjoy your favorite fantasy team directly from your Android. The app has constant fixes released and the app developers along with Yahoo! Inc. have made the experience really nice by fixing identified bugs. The app runs perfect on Android and is incredibly convenient to us. It also provides 24*7 contact making sure to check out whatever our team is doing anytime.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports APK

Yahoo Fantasy Sports APP


ESPN Scorecenter

We believe that every list covering sports in the world needs to cover something that ESPN provides. Now, the Scorecenter is that perfect contribution of ESPN to NFL. The app is user friendly and functions great. It will keep you updated with scores of every sports game happening. You can also choose what all your favorite teams are to follow. This will let you access all the recent matches scores and updates on your favorite teams at one place. The app is a must for every sports fan, it will let you in the loop for every single league happening across the world.

ESPN Scorecenter APK

ESPN Scorecenter APP


Backbreaker Football Game

The app can be installed from Google Play Store for a mere $2.99. It has breathtaking graphics and amazing game play making it one the the better apps available for football on Google Play Store.

The app scores a fantastic 4 star from the reviews on the play store however you can face a little bit of hassle if you are using Android 2.2 or higher. Anyone with an Android smartphone with 2.1 or lower, should have this app but otherwise you can install it whenever the app is updated.

 Backbreaker Football Game APK

Backbreaker Football Game APP


NFL Football News

Football news is amazing, no one can deny that. And if you want to keep check on each NFL team, there can not be a better option than this. The app provides separate pages for all the teams where fans can stay updated about everything that is happening with their favorite teams. It gives you latest information about everything that is up with your team at one place making it one of the favorites for diehard fans. It also provides current information on whatever is happening in the NFL world giving the fans a way to know what is happening with your rivals as well. And when the games are on, you can have all the latest scores and updates on the scoreboard of the app.


Let us know which apps you like the best to stay updated on your NFL team.

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