Top Nine Premier League Games You Can Enjoy on Your Android

So with Arsenal and Leicester City at it against each other, we are looking into the beginning of another fan filled, high energy Premier League season. And while looking at your favorite team go at the ball might be one of your favorite moments of your life, nothing tops the feeling of playing soccer/football from the vicinity of the sofa in your house. All one needs to do is find some really good football games, and we are good to go. Thinking all that, we decided to come up with a list of all the amazing football games that you can play alone or with your friends and prove to everyone that you know everything that is to know about football in the world. Here is a look at all the amazing games you can play –


Football Manager Mobile 2017

Oh we know that ManU did not get Morata, and Chelsea could not possibly get their hands on Alex Sandro, and Tottenham does not seem like getting anyone. But that does not mean that you can not take over your favorite Premier League club and run things the way they were supposed to be run. This game – Football Manager Mobile 2017 – is about one of the most important people in a Football club – the Manager. And it will let you prove how you would handle your dream team only if given the chance. The game has been designed by Unit Sports Interactive, and can surely be termed one of the best simulation games regarding sports management.

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Dream League Soccer 2017

This is the game for anyone who wants to go all handsy in the field of digital football. You can choose from hoards of modes and players (oh yes, the real ones) – while choosing whether you want to play on your phone or tablet as it has an optional interface for tablets. Given that it supports physical gamepads, we have no qualms pronouncing it one of the best games about football right now in Google Play Store.

Making Soccer Star

As different from mainstream as it can be – you might have to adjust a little bit with the names here given the unlicensed one like W. Rooni, which can make you either laugh or fume – given whose side you are on, but once you get past that, you would love this different from Premier League game. The game is almost a Kairosoft-esque simulation of a high profile player, which makes the game all about statistics about your player’s performance, defying the coaches you have and going to the best parties around – making it a must try for all of us football lovers.

Soccer Star 2017 Top Leagues

3D mobile games are surely the games to look out for, and with Soccer Star 2017 Top Leagues, you get to play in not only Premier League but other competitions and leagues as well to show your talent to national as well as international audience. The game is a mix of playing and managing activities, and is one of the best options to try while lounging between your Premier League matches.
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FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA is all about the latest all the time, which is why they are right now concentrating on all the sponsored stars like Hazard and Martial. The game is usually licensed, and most authentic of them all. It can be a real game out almost, so it is one of the best options out there for Premier League lovers.

PES 2017

Pro Evolution Soccer or PES has always taken on FIFA, which led us to a great mobile format, however many think PES is the slower or different version of football. While some like the more realistic take of PES, it also comes with its own version of something like FIFA Ultimate Mode. So we think these two mixed are certainly the best of both worlds.

Chelsea Runner

Okay, so you can play Chelsea Runner if one, you are a Chelsea fan, or two, you just want to get Costa slammed in a bus and enjoy that feeling, without having to deal with any kind of aftermath. Whatever be your version of truth, this runner game is amusing, and if you are someone who supports Arsenal, and wants to take revenge, head to Play Store.

Mobile Soccer League

Licenses might be one of the big worries for many of us when it comes to mobile Football games, but we sure can not deny that sometimes the unlicenced, downright cartoonish characters might bring about a better laugh. And this game is that one thing which you need to look out for to have that laugh. Now with its dedicated Premier League mode you can stay assured you would enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Top Eleven 2017 – Be a Soccer Manager

Again, football management is way more important than some people may ever realise it is – and those of us who do know how important it is, can now enjoy one of the best and most popular management games for Android devices. It is a tried and tested game which has millions of players hooked all over the world. It will let you create your own football association, which you run and enjoy with more consistency and organization.

Let us know in comments below which is your favorite football game to play on your Android device.

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