What Wattage Should I Health at? A Guide to Vape Wattage


Transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vaping opens a world of possibilities. So understanding wattage is a crucial step in this journey. If you’re a former cigarette smoker venturing into the world of vaping, you’re in the right place. 

In this comprehensive guide we’ll demystify the terminology, shed light on essential concepts, and empower you with the knowledge needed to select the perfect wattage for your vaping preferences. So let’s get started on defining the jargons of vaping and seek to enhance your vaping experience.

Vaping Jargon 

For those stepping into the vaping world, purchasing an electronic cigarette set at a lower wattage, preferably under 20 W, offers an ideal place to start. But if vaping evolves into a passion, upgrading to a robust device or mod for bolder hits and denser clouds might be more your cup of tea.

As you advance beyond beginner e-cigarettes, you’ll encounter three primary device settings. While there’s some scientific foundation to grasp, familiarizing yourself with these terms now can significantly enhance your vaping journey.


Voltage is concerned with the batteries you use for your device. A higher voltage signifies increased electrical pressure within the battery. Picture amps as units of electricity: higher voltage translates to more amps stored in the battery. This links to wattage that you’ll fire your coils at.

High voltage equates to sending more power to coil to receive more amps rapidly. This heats the device faster enabling more vapor to be created. 


Wattage and voltage often get intertwined, leading to confusion. While voltage stands for the battery’s electrical pressure that propels individual units of electric current (amps) across the circuit, wattage conveniently encapsulates volts and amps simultaneously. Understanding that wattage is the product of voltage multiplied by amps, we can now view it as a gauge of the power channeled to the coil.

By altering wattage, you effectively and securely adjust voltage. However, modifying voltage might inadvertently trigger an unregulated overall wattage surge, potentially harming your device. This is why many opt for variable wattage mods to ensure optimal outcomes.


Modifying the ohms of your vape device’s coils is only feasible by installing different coils. To put it simply, ohms gauges the coil’s capacity to handle electrical power. Regardless of your battery size, the coil’s electrical current capacity remains constant.

Raising the ohms value restricts the passage of amps through the coil. This heightened resistance curtails wattage, delivering a cooler throat feel. Conversely, lower ohms translate to higher wattage, causing your vape device to operate at elevated temperatures.

What Wattage Should You Vape At

Vaping Wattage, Heat Levels, and E-liquids Vape mod setups are essentially combinations of batteries and atomizers. The battery’s energy heats the atomizer’s coil, transforming your e-liquid into vapor.

Consequently, a substantial link exists between wattage and ohms. Even the strongest battery can’t surpass a coil’s maximum resistance threshold in elevating its temperature. Considering this, how should you determine your ideal wattage? The answer hinges on your mod’s coils and your desired outcomes:

Sub-Ohm Vaping: More Clouds, Great Flavor 

Sub-ohm devices are designed with reduced electrical resistance (below 1 ohm), allowing a surge of electrical current to flow into the coil, resulting in higher burning temperatures.

The specifications for sub-ohm devices provide optimal wattage guidelines for the respective mod. For instance, a 0.4-ohm model might suggest settings between 23 to 28 watts, while a 0.8-ohm variant could recommend up to 35 watts. In some cases, recommendations can reach even higher levels (like 200 watts).

For optimal performance, pair sub-ohm devices with high VG vape liquids (such as a VG/PG ratio of 70/30). A higher VG ratio yields denser vapor clouds and richer flavors that deliver a more satisfying taste experience, distinguishing it from higher PG ratios that emphasize throat hit.

Devices Above 1 Ohm: More Throat Hit 

Experienced vapers often lean toward the personalized throat hit sensation in vaping, placing less emphasis on fragrant clouds and intense flavors. E-liquids crafted for a discernible hit while toning down taste intensity and vapor density typically boast a higher PG ratio (like a 70/30 PG/VG ratio).

The device’s specifications will provide a recommended wattage setting. For instance, a 1.6-ohm coil might be best suited to 12 watts. Coils surpassing one ohm are designed to vaporize e-liquid at lower temperatures, as the more heat necessary for dense vapor clouds isn’t a prerequisite. 

Optimal Nicotine Satisfaction 

For those aiming for a satisfying nicotine punch, a mod operating at around 20 watts, coupled with coils exceeding 1 ohm, can deliver the desired outcome. Keep in mind that not all e-liquids may contain nicotine at your desired level; you might need to supplement it using separately sold bottled products.

This approach aligns with devices above one ohm, which facilitate a gradual vaporization process, ensuring high nicotine release. While higher temperatures can generate dense vapor clouds when paired with appropriate high VG vape juice, they might yield a ‘burn hit’ effect when used alongside high PG liquids.

Right Wattage for 0.8 Ohm Vaping 

Opting for 0.8-ohm devices is a popular route for ex-cigarette smokers venturing into sub-ohm vaping territory. These devices operate at elevated temperatures and are designed to complement high VG e-liquids, generating denser clouds and enhancing the e-liquid flavor profile.

For 0.8-ohm devices, the recommended wattage typically falls within the range of 20 W – 35 W (or occasionally 40 W – 50 W). However, always consult your vape device’s product information for precise guidelines to achieve the best outcomes.

High Wattage VS Low Wattage Vaping

Higher wattage equates to increased power which results in hotter coils. When coils operate at maximum heat, they efficiently transform denser VG liquids into dense clouds. Conversely, thinner PG liquids will become thin, heated vapor, leading to an undesirable burn hit.

Vaping at a low wattage involves using reduced power, leading to milder temperatures. While this approach extends battery life and enhances your device’s longevity, lower burn temperatures yield less vaporization and a less robust vaping encounter.

Vape wattage is a decision that significantly shapes your vaping experience. Whether you lean toward the rich flavor and voluminous clouds of high VG vape juice or the potent punch of high PG e-liquids, elevated wattage elevates coil temperatures and vaporization, translating to amplified vapor and potentially heightened enjoyment.

Nonetheless, there’s a limit where increased wattage can lead to vape juice burning, yielding an undesirable ‘burn hit.’ When this happens, it’s time to dial down the wattage setting.

Bottom Line

Embark on a journey of exploration by tinkering with your device’s settings to discover the optimal wattage that harmonizes with your vaping apparatus. While the ideal wattage often aligns with the range specified in your device’s product information, consider pushing the boundaries initially to comprehend the nuances of various wattages before finalizing your vape mod settings.

Indeed, the ideal wattage, the one that aligns perfectly with your satisfaction and elevates your favorite vape flavor, is inherently a matter of personal taste. What works for one might not align for another. Additionally, the wattage sweet spot is deeply intertwined with the vape type you embrace.

Moreover, the wattage you select is intricately linked to the nature of your vaping device. Even for seasoned vapers, determining the right wattage can be a formidable challenge. On one hand, your wattage choice mirrors your individual preferences. Yet, your chosen wattage carries potential implications, and your experience might shift according to your device’s setup.

Whether you’re chasing colossal clouds, savoring intricate flavors, or seeking that perfect throat hit, the world of vaping wattage offers a canvas where your preferences paint the masterpiece. So go ahead, adjust your settings, indulge your curiosities, and let your vaping journey unfold in harmony with your tastes. Happy vaping!