Why NVIDIA Shield TV Is The Best

We have discussed Kodi and its remarkable performance all over the world in previous articles as well. Given its ability to put cable connections out of business completely, Kodi is the technological revolution to watch out for. You can simply put it together with an Android TV box and create the ultimate home theatre set up. Its compatibility with several platforms makes it the best media centre out there, something you can use to stream, collect, organize and enjoy everything under the sun. You can install several add-ons and use different streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Spotify (and certainly other less known-but full of potential-gems) on your TV itself using Kodi. Your Android is the remote and sky is the limit (or not, who can say these days).

It is for the same reasons that market is now flush with products that will make Kodi work even better – the NVIDIA Shield Android TV is certainly one of them. It is not only the best Android TV box out there, but works the best as a Kodi box as well. The producer NVIDIA speaks of its Shield TV highly, and so do users and other reviewers like Team Kodi itself (you will find the mention of NVIDIA Shield TV on Kodi Wiki) and TVAddons.ag – which remains one of the best places to find and install the best add-ons for Kodi. Now, we understand these words and accolades alone can not do it for you, so we decided to collect and put together the facts which back our claim that NVIDIA Shield TV is the best Android TV box.


Reasons You Should Choose NVIDIA Shield TV Over All Other Options Available

  1. Updated Android – You might search for Android TV boxes online or otherwise and be tempted to buy them – and we understand. Totally. You can get so many products out there which are way cheaper than NVIDIA Shield TV, but all these are usually running on KitKat or Lollipop, which basically means softwares old and outdated. It in turn is not only going to cause problems for your TV box’s security but also its functionality. Now compare it with NVIDIA Shield which just got an update and now works on the latest Android Nougat – and is also soon going to get Google Assistant.

  2. Best-in-the-Category Specs – This has got to be the best Android TV box with its current specs available on the market. You can get it in two versions – the 16GB Shield and the 500GB Shield Pro. The NVIDIA Shield TV has of course NVIDIA’s amazing Tegra X1 processor and streams videos at 4K resolution.

    NVIDIA Shield Android TV

    NVIDIA Shield TV


  3. Worth of Hardware – Most of the stores and sites selling Android TV boxes are primarily asking you to buy products which are worthless – just cause these come installed with Kodi. Usually these sellers are new entrepreneurs or amateurs who want to set up their selling business. These TV boxes which are available for inflated prices are totally not worth the money as their only shot at fame is the pre installed Kodi, which practically takes nothing but half an hour for the seller. Kodi, as you must be aware, is a free app which you can download anytime from Google Play Store and then install on your TV box on your own pretty easily. Thus our advice to you would be do not fall in the trap. Put your money where it is worth it and invest in the NVIDIA Shield TV box whose hardware is better than any TV box available.


Lets say you are more into technology, then you must be aware about SPMC, which is in fact a Kodi fork that will provide you almost the same experience as Kodi, but is specifically designed and optimized for Android TV boxes. Now given that SPMC does not have the latest interface which has been updated in Kodi 17, it still is an alright app for media streaming. Though you can get custom launcher for Nvidia Shield TV. However, you can also use Kodi with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which will provide a minimalistic feel for you TV. Though we would like to remind you once more here that Shield has a lots of better features, which include (but are not limited to) the great gamin experience it has to provide, that we would recommend you NVIDIA Shield any day over other competitors.


The Best Shield To Choose

Given that NVIDIA Shield is available in two versions – the 16GB one and the 500GB one – we assume that you might find it hard to decide between the two. It is presumable that anyone with a limited budget would like to get the 16GB one instead of the 500GB one Shield Pro. Remember that for the 16GB one, which has incredibly low space, you would have to get expandable storage at some point of time time through either the USB ports or microSD cards or other Shield boxes. Considering the added hassle for the storage space, we would really recommend anyone the Shield Pro which is available for just 100 $ more than the 16GB version and provides you fifty times more storage, making it the best deal available surely.

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