Why Should You Register An Llc In Nevis: All The Benefits Of The Solution


Nevis today is considered one of the most promising island jurisdictions when it comes to registering a company. Among the advantages of such a decision are low taxes, the timing of registration and the relatively small cost of the process, and a high level of asset protection. Reliable legislation of the jurisdiction and well thought-out confidentiality measures make Nevis an attractive and comfortable place for entrepreneurs from all corners of the world to establish a business.

Why Nevis?

Although the island of Nevis is part of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, it still has its own financial services sector independent of St. Kitts. It is worth noting that back in 1983, the Federation gained independence from the United Kingdom and is considered a sovereign state that is not under the direct control of the UK. Therefore, many entrepreneurs transfer their business here, preferring Nevis to the independent British territories.

What advantages of LLC registration can be highlighted:

  • Stable political and economic situation in the island state, attractive state policy in the sphere of support for international business.
  • High level of confidentiality, modern schemes of personal data protection.
  • Absence of currency control with free repatriation of capital and profits.
  • Assets inside the LLC company are reliably protected from outside infringements.
  • There are no requirements for auditing the company and filing reports.
  • There is no need to pay personal or corporate taxes on income earned outside of Nevis.

In addition, due to the good reputation of Nevis, local corporate structures can open a bank account in almost any bank in the world. Also, opening a company in Nevis does not take more than 3-5 days. Such quick turnaround times make the jurisdiction even more popular for business registration along with the small price tag.

LLC Registration

To register a company in Nevis, an entrepreneur will have to engage a local service provider or agent with the appropriate registration. Such a representative must have an office, the address of which can be further used as the legal address of the company. To enter the company in the register, it is necessary to submit a package of documents, fill out an application form. It is also necessary to come up with a company name and check it for compliance with the requirements of local legislation.

The flexibility of the LLC, which successfully combines the features of a corporation, sole proprietorship and LLC, is optimal for companies with both single and multiple owners. By opening an LLC in Nevis, you can safely protect your own assets from creditors and save on taxes. The jurisdiction offers foreign investors favorable conditions for registering companies and doing business.

There are no requirements for the amount of authorized capital, and the amount of annual state duty does not exceed 250 dollars. Having an LLC in Nevis gives an opportunity to open an account in any prestigious bank or payment system of the world. Those who want to provide their assets with maximum protection are recommended to use a combination of LLC and trust. If the trust agreement is properly formed and this system is properly structured, it is possible to achieve the maximum level of protection.