Why Kodi Users Need VPN Security Right Now


This is very important information that i am going to bring out today, i need you to go through the whole article so that you can understand why you need VPN security on your device (Android Box, Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, Tablets etc).

A VPN connection means Virtual Private Network which further means it creates a private network when you turn it ON and no one can know were exactly you are accessing the internet from. So it gives you total anonymity and freedom to view what ever you want without being bothered of anyone knowing about it. So a VPN puts you in full privacy and control so you can view anything like a boss.

Second most important thing is all blocked content is available when you have a VPN connection. Since you are using a VPN so the ISP (internet service providers) dont know exactly were you are and they cant block any source or stream on your connection. So all those addons or streams or other content that is blocked now(streams not working) will be fully accessible and working. You can access streams from all over the world since you are on a VPN, so if you are in USA you can easily access content from UK or other countries and it stands true vice versa. Also many addons need a VPN service in order to view their streams like freeview addon which you cant access without having UK ip but when you have a VPN then you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Third and very important issue that gets resolved automatically when you use a VPN is the throttling of online streams. When you watch a video stream or channel sometimes you will get buffering issues but with a VPN connection you will have a smooth flow of streams on your connection.

And before i close this up since i have been using Kodi from around 10 years now, so as a Kodi expert i would highly recommend using Nord VPN, this is sincerely the best VPN you can get. So go ahead and GET STARTED NOW below and enjoy throttle free online streaming experience.