Your Step by Step Guide to Unblocking Someone on Facebook

We all have had that one nightmare of our social media life where someone we knew (or did not know at all) turned out to be a complete ass – putting in effect a chain of events which usually end in us blocking the other person out. It is a one stop solution for a lot of problems out there, and can be a quick fix for all the people who have been annoying you off late. Once you block someone on Facebook, they can not text you, tag you, post on your timeline or invite you anywhere or even add you as a friend.

You are practically out of bounds for them, which is a great advantage for you obviously. But as it happens, most of us see the light in some time and usually want to unblock the person we have blocked some minutes or hours or days before. Now you can know how to do it. Most people get confused and fiddle around trying to find the ways to unblock people. It really does not help that the key to unblocking is actually deep hidden in your account settings. It can be a bit overwhelming to try and not find the needed section, but worry not. Read on to understand how you may unblock someone from Facebook, who you do not want to have blocked anymore, or maybe, just may be, blocked mistakenly.

Your Step by Step Guide

Well, let’s state the obvious first. Unblocking is easy. Yes. Believe us. It won’t even take you a minute to unblock someone once you know how to. So, open your facebook account on the app installed on your phone (you can also open it on Chrome in case you do not have the app yet). Now, if you look carefully on the top right corner of your app (or page), you will find a button. Once you tap, you would be provided a long list of options. Go through the list and in the bottom, you would find Account Settings. Click on it.

This will lead to another page of options in form of a list. Scour through them and select a section titled Blocking. This will lead you a list of account names which are blocked from your account. Here you would be able to find the person you need unblocked. Select his/her name and click on Unblock as a pop up window would appear asking you whether or not to unblock. Voila! You are done. The person you blocked, has now been unblocked and he/she would be able to see all your activity and send you a friend request or messages now.

If you are confused yet, please go through out step by step guide below which is comprehensive and clear enough to point you in the right direction and see you through. Here are the five steps you need to take to unblock someone.

First and foremost, open your facebook account using the app or Google Chrome or any other browser on your smartphone.
Simply find the button for menu in the top right side of your screen. Click on it.

A dropdown like list would appear. Tap on Account Settings. A new list of options would open up. Scroll up and down and select Blocking,

A list of all the people that are blocked from your account will be displayed. Search the name and the person you have to unblock. Once you do find them, click on their name.

A pop up window will open up, asking you whether or not to unblock this person. Click on Unblock.
See, how easy that was? Once you memorize this little trip you have to make every time you need to block someone, it will not even take a minute. Oh and the most important thing – be really careful in unblocking people. As you might know, once you unblock someone, you may not be able to block them again in forty eight hours.

Let us know in comments below if our guide was helpful in blocking and unblocking someone from your account.