Your Step by Step Guide to Unblocking Someone on Instagram

Social Media can be tough for even the best of us. The bullying attitude and the stalking can be almost cringeworthy or downright depressing if not ignored timely. And sometimes, it is better to block such negative factors out instead of keeping up with it and defending ourselves in vain. Once we block someone on Instagram, as is the case with all social media platforms, the person whom we blocked, would not be able to see any more of our profile or stories or posts, which also stops them from commenting or messaging us.

However, many a times, people have a change in heart, and want to go back to someone they decided to keep away from. In such a case, we can always choose to unblock that person. Unblocking might seem a little daunting task to people given the complicated nature of our Account Settings. Many users face trouble while making their way around the Instagram App Settings, and so here we are to ease your worries. This article covers all that you need to know before unblocking someone and shall give you all the necessary steps which one need to take to unblock someone from Instagram. What’s more – we have attached screenshots for you, which would make it even easier to find your way around. Read on.

Your Step by Step Guide

We would say unblocking someone on Instagram is pretty laid back, even if you think it is annoying and time consuming to lose yourself in the maze that is Instagram Settings. All you need is to memorize these steps, so next time you can find your way around easily. Just click on your Instagram app installed on your Android. The home screen of the app would open. Look out for the option of profile in the bottom of the app. You may find it at the extreme right corner of your screen, looking like a person.

This Profile button will lead you to your personal profile page. Once there, look around for a three point icon, which should be located in the upper region of the screen on the right side. Now You can see the thee dotted icon in upper right corner of your screen. Click and scroll down the options and select the section called Blocked Users. Just tap on it and find all the people you have blocked in the past listed at one place. Tap on the name you want to unblock which will lead to their personal profile opening up, where you will see a Unblock option in the upper part of the page. Click on it and a pop up will open up, asking if you are sure. Tap on it and give a go ahead to the unblocking.

So, obviously unblocking is not that big a deal once you understand how to. Now, we have constructed a few steps which you can follow –

Find the Instagram app on your smartphone. It might be in its app drawer.

The page opened will have a separate box like structure on the bottom. Here is where we have our icon called Profile, which is what you need to click on.

Your personal profile page will open up. Find the three vertical points shape in the upper region of this page and click on it.

Your Profile Options will open. Find Blocked Users from the list and click on it.

It will be a list which will have all the accounts that you have blocked from your Instagram. Find the person you need to unblock and click on their name.

This will lead you to their personal profile where you can find the Unblock option along the name and other information. Click on it which will cause a pop up to open. Select Yes, I’m sure which will lead to you finally unblocking the person you had blocked for reasons best known to you.

Ha! So this is how you can unblock a person on Instagram. And, in case you do not like them again, simply Block them once more whenever it becomes too icky. Let us know in comments below if it helped you in blocking and unblocking people from Instagram.